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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Plasma Kreaps, New Sketch, Free Beer & New Movies

Howdy Doo kidlets!! its that time again for my gibberish lingo stains to permeate your brains. So hows it been in cyber land all yous fine fleshy specimens you. well we are not here to find out about you are we? No we are here to find out whats been up in my world so lets get to it shall we. Off we go then

some friends of mine gave me and the wifey some tickets to go to a fund raiser party at the Lowry Park Zoo last night. let me tell you it was hot as balls but it was well worth it because it was a beer tasting party and there were probably about 250 different beer vendors handing out free beer. Whats better than that you ask well there were also free food vendors but i didn't get any food. hell not with all the tasty beverages around. who do you think i am. i wish the animal sections were open but nope they were closed. i can understand why because i wouldn't want a bunch of drunk asses messing with the animals either but if you go during the day then most of the animals are asleep and i wanted to actually see the tigers up and about. that was the only downside but hell there was free beer!!

whats with all the good movies coming out this year. they want a man to go broke don't they? Hellboy 2 (awesome), Batman 2 (awesome), the Hulk (awesome), Ironman (awesome), X-files (could have been better but still a great movie), star wars clone wars ( you better believe I'm going to see this badboy) etc... i guess the writers strike did some good because they came back with a vengeance.

The toys i have for you this round are from the company Mega Bloks and they are called Plasma Kreaps. i never even heard of them but was looking thru the clearance sections at the wal-mart and there they were in all their glory. I'm glad i found them because these toys are great. there are 6 of them in this series. the Werewolf, Vampire, Gargoyle, Zombie, Ghoul and Mummy. they come in a chest and are in pieces. all the pieces are inside a bag that is made from what feels like the wacky wall crawlers. that is the plasma part of it i take it. when pieced together they stand about 3.75 inches tall. very cool find if i do say so myself. if you like monsters then go and find them. you wont be disappointed or maybe you will but i love them.

here is today's sketch. its a few doodles put together on one page. i really like these scratches. enjoy them or else :D

hope you got something out of today's broadcast of information that you probably don't care about but i force fed it to you anyway. tune in next time for some more of my useless nonsense.