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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Full Moon Fun

Todays blog will be different from the others. I just got some pics that my friend took at a get together we had. It so happened to be on a full moon. This is a few of the pics that we conjured up. You will be able to see the real me. This was a fun shoot. Let me know what you think.

Model = Me and my real human skull
pics taken by my friend Stacy Neff

Model = Me and the full moon
pics taken by my wife Bethanee

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Doody, AVPR, William Birkin, Sharks and Baby Meat

It's Howdy Doody time kids!! Let's sing the doody song shall we. In the key of 2. Doody, doody, doody in my butt. Doody, doody, doody in a cup. 2 girls one cup. Nuff said.

Today's lesson was from the movie AVP Requiem 2007 UNRATED directed by Colin and Greg Strause. The script was not the best in this one. I enjoyed it only because I went in not expecting much. they didn't really stick to the ideas of the original movies. It's almost like they never even watched any of the other movies in some aspects. now for some things I did like - I liked the creature designs. The pred alien is way too flippin cool. I did like the weapons of the predator. He had some kick ass gadgets. It had lots of good gore scenes but the whole movie was way too dark which made it hard to tell what was going on alot of the time. I loved how no one was safe - children, pregnant women, babies - they all get a good dose of the alien beat down but it was almost like they tried too hard to get that shock value. It could have been a great movie but it needed some tweaking in the writing department. It's getting to that point where they just take the alien predator action and stick in some teenage retardedness and steal bits from other movies. I hope they don't go out on this one but they need a new writer to make it go out the way it should. Go here to see more info http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758730/

Now for the little plastic wonder of the day. Today's figure is Resident Evil from Capcom "William Birkin". He has a "squeeze 'n spin" eyeball in his shoulder and articulation in his 3 arms, 2 elbows, waist and legs. I love this figure. I love all the monster figures in the Resident Evil toys. Not so much the humans unless they are zombies but Resident Evil went to the plastic platform with 10 out of 10 stars in my book. Never really played the games but the movies and toys are awesome. This figure is tons of fun and full of gory details. Sure to make any mother proud or if they are like my mom proud to throw them in the trash.

Today's sketch is a mix of creature doodles and the bottom part is a funny little idea I had. Atleast it made me laugh anyway. Hope you enjoy.

See you again tomorrow folks.

Monday, April 28, 2008

End of the Rope, Alien Resurrection, Gonzo and Doodle Bugs

Good god I keep neglecting my duties as a blogger. I've been taking weekends off to catch up on art and stuffs and thru the week I've been busy as well so by the time I think about it it's pretty late. Anyway I'll get on with it.

This weekend I went to my friends bands show. They are called "End of the Rope" and they fucking rocked. It's the first time they played a show in about 8 months since they were in the studio working on their new album and other shiz. It was great to see them play again and just get out of the house since I haven't really done that in awhile either. If you like heavy music go check out their myspace page http://www.myspace.com/etr

Today's movie was a how to tattoo DVD. I'm wanting to get into tatting so I'm trying to absorb all the knowledge I can. but the real movie I watched this weekend was Alien Resurrection 1997 written by the brilliant Joss Whedon and directed by the genius Jean-Pierre Jeunet who also directed 2 of my fav movies "City of Lost Children" and "Delicatessen". I love this movie. Actually I love the whole series but that's a different story. The cast was great including Ron Perlman and Brad Dourif, 2 of my favs. A great story and lots of good gore and action and suspense. I would have to say this one and part 2 are my favs of them. Get it, get it good and enjoy a visual thrashing of awesomeness.

Today's action figure is not a monster figure but he is still just plain awesome in my opinion. He's the one the only "Gonzo" from the Muppet Show. My favorite muppet by a landslide. He's just so damn crazy. If I was a muppet I would be gonzo or Grover from Sesame street. Something about those muppets that start with G get my fancy. He's a serious pimp in this purple suit as well. Where are all his chicken heads? He was made by a company called ha! Inc. in 1978 in Hong Kong of course. I display him proudly like the treasure he is. Gonzo rules. Don't try to argue.

My doodle madness for your visual experience is another creature doodle page. I told you I had quite a bit of these. Let me know which ones are your favorites.

I'm kinda tired and need to get some coffee so I will bid you adieu my fellow comrades.
until later on today. enjoy

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tales From The Crypt, Ash, Bunninator

Whats to say on this new day? No really, whats to say? Anyone Anyone Bueller. I am making a new toy today. Hes a mix and match type toy. pretty much like all my toys. pieces from some broken toys or garbage found here and there. I will put a pic of it up when I'm done with him. I should post pics of all my twistid frankensteined toys. maybe ill do that when I'm done with this one. anyway lets get on with the program.

I've been watching the 1989 Tales From The Crypt HBO series on DVD over the past couple days. I love that show. Some great stories and cheesy one liners by the crypt keeper. Can't go wrong with that format. So many great stories filled with serial killers, voodoo, zombies etc... If you love horror then you have to watch this series. Good ole horrific fun. Bring the kiddies.

Today's toy is Ash from the Army of Darkness MEZ-ITS line. He came in a 3 pac with evil ash and the pit witch. He comes with his chainsaw, book of the dead, boomstick and metal hand plus a neat little stand and background image. These are funny little figures but they are packed full of fun. Besides I like everything evil dead. Evil Dead 2 is still my fav movie of all time and Bruce Campbell kicks much ass.

The sketch I have for you today is a couple doodles. The top part is a helmet design I was working out for a drawing and the bottom is the terminator bunny or the bunninator. Leave his carrots alone or he will pulverize you. I want to go back to him some day. I think he's purty cool.

Until tomorrow kidlits

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hatchet, The Mummy, Swamp Thing with Demon Egg Sacks

Time to tune in to today's tidbits of tasty tenderonies. And I'm cutting it close this time. hehehee. Okily Doakily lets get on with it shall we. I got a full dose of death today as i was cleaning the bones of the dead possum I got a few days ago. Now I have another jar with bones in it. yippi!!! I also had to pack up a bunch of stuff that I sold on ebay. I really hate the time it takes to do all that but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Today I watched "The Hatchet" 2006 directed and written by Adam Green. This movie had some of the coolest and goriest death scenes in it that I have seen in a long time. Plus it had Robert England, Tony Todd and Kane Hodder in it and a whole lot a boobies. Good times. It was based on a seriously deformed kid that accidentally gets killed by his dad and when his dad dies of a broken heart he starts haunting the woods. It takes place during mardi gra and a few people go on some haunted swamp tour and the good stuff begins. That's all I will tell you. Get it and get your gore on.

The toy I have to show your peepers today is this 12 inch giant from the movie The Mummy. It was made in 1998 by Toy Island. It is electronic but I got mine loose with dead batteries. Figures a mummy with dead batteries. Anyway hes supposed to come with the little vases that are supposed to hold his organs but I don't have those either. He just looks awesome all gored out and barely bandaged. I likes him. He looks great standing among my other monster toys. Maybe one day I'll get a complete one but for now he does just fine. His arms, head and legs are poseable as well.

Today's sketch is this Swamp creature thing standing by a weird demon egg sack tree with hand branches. I love my imagination. It was fun to draw.

Thanks for tuning in to today's spittings of verbiage kids.
maybe I'll have more to write tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sadness, Gorillaz, Willard, Madballs, Doodle Beasts 2

Hello everyone. Sorry about the absence yesterday. I was feeling down in the dumps and I haven't felt that way since I can't remember. This has been the longest I've been without a job and it's driving me crazy. So I watched a Star Wars flik and drew a zombie picture to cheer me up. Zombies and Star Wars always make me feel better. They should make a zombie Star Wars flik and I would be in heaven. Anyway my wife got me a Slurpee with a nifty Iron Man cup and a toy to lift my spirits. I love that woman. She is awesome. I'm still feeling kinda useless but at least I have a new toy to play with.

Today I'm filling my ear holes with the stylish soundings of "The Gorillaz - Demon Days". This album cheers me up. The fun lyrics and great beats make me want to put my underwear over my head and dance in the middle of the street while small children pelt me with rocks and batteries. Besides how can you deny story time with Dennis Hopper.

Today's movie is "Willard" 2003 directed by Glen Morgan. All I have to say is Crispin Glover and you should jump up and say give me a hey hey ho ho!!! My god that man is a genius of creepy. The master of odd characters is an understatement. I think hes my long lost twin. Ah the sweet madness that is Crispin. You gotta love a man that trains rats to do his dirty deeds. You might not like it but Crispin could shit on a piece of toast and wipe it on the pope and I would watch it and like it. Actually that would be kinda funny. Uh Oh I might end up like Sinead O'Conner after her little pope misfortune. Does anyone else think that man looks like the Dark Lord of the Sith? I guess I'm getting off track so get Willard and support the hell out of Crispin Glover. He needs to be in alot more movies in my opinion.

Today's little plastic man thingy is this "Madballs - Head Popping Oculus Orbus" made by Amtoy Inc. 1985. First off I love Madballs but the Head Popping Madballs are simply awesome. These are so much fun to play with plus they just look extremely damn cool. Some of the best sculpts and action ever. Whats better than a toy with a pop off head? Nothing that's what. I have the whole set but I wish they kept making them. I see that they have reissued some new sculpt madballs. They look great as well. Hopefully they redo the Head Poppers as well.

The sketch I have for you today is another creature doodle page. Some silly little beasties that came to life from my noggin. Can't really explain them but they make me smile. Enjoy their madness.

Stop by tomorrow for some more goodness.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Projekt Nemesis, El Topo, Kraken, Bunny Killer

Its a new day after a couple day absence. We had a get together on Saturday so all morning we were cleaning and all night we were eating and drinking. Good times. Sunday was rest day due to headaches from the drinking plus I haven't been drawing that much so wanted to spend the day drawing. So that brings us up to the present. I got alot of household chores done today. Plus i was going through all my prints and put together a journal over at deviantart for a print blowout sale. I'm selling 5 prints for $20 and that includes shipping. Go to my deviantart account to see all the prints to choose from. I'm selling them cheap so i can get a booth for Screamfest this year. All the money i make is for that. I was part of it last year and had so much fun and met alot of great people that I want to do it again this year. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

Today I am listening to my good friends band "Projekt Nemesis - Defcon1". He is an amazing talent. He does all the vocals, guitars, keyboards and mixing himself. This album is an awesome bombardment of heavy industrial trance that will punch you in the face with an iron fist and have you crawling through the shards of your broken teeth to press the replay button on your stereo. Go to his myspace page to listen to a few tracks and if you like it buy his album. Keep him making music. The world is a much better place with his tunes in it. http://www.myspace.com/projektnemesisthescourge

OK I don't even know how to explain the movie I saw today. A friend at my old job let me borrow "El Topo" 1970 written and directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky. My god this movie is bizarre as hell. It's kind of like a 70's western on acid. but wait there's more. Throw in some elements of the sexploitation era, a town full of i don't know what, a hole full of freaks, some monks and a bunch of other weirdness and you will have a movie that will leave you saying WTF did i just watch. All I have to say is that my eyes were glued to this crazy flik. Go here to see more about this film and rent it if you can. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067866/

Bow down to this plastic idol I summon for you today. He is from the movie Clash of the titans and his name is The Kraken. Amazing toy made by mattel, definitely one of the prized possessions of my collection. He has 4 arms that are movable and a removable tail and movable fins. He stands about 12 inches tall and is 100% awesome. One of the best toys ever in my opinion. If you can find him get him but expect to pay some billage because he won't be cheap.

Today's sketch was an Easter doodle. The lord has risen to make you search for painted eggs and dead bunnies. Thou shall be praised and rewarded with chocolate and stomach aches. Good times.

Until we meet again I bid thee farewell.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hide and Creep, Fangster and Tentically Beasts with womenz

hey all It's time for some more magical ramblings from your demented Dr. Twistid. I hate not having a job. I'm actually working alot harder now than I did when I had one. What gives. hehe but at least I'm doing stuff I like to do but unfortunately it doesn't pay as good.

Last nights movie was "Hide and Creep" 2004 directed by Chuck Hartsell and
Chance Shirley. Holy hot damn I loved this movie. So much so I had to watch it twice before I put it back in the mail box. The movies about a small southern town that gets infested with zombies and throws in a couple of alien abductions for a sweetener. The budget is very low but the writing was amazing and the cheap special effects added to its genius. It's mainly a parody on the whole zombie, alien genre and they pulled it off beautifully. There are even a bunch of references to the greats that they got influence from. The only thing I didn't like was the mans junk in the beginning but that part was even hilarious and they had boobaliciousness later on so that made it better. If you like cheesy parody horrors then you have to see this. If I had a job I would buy this beast of greatness. If anyone is listening out there in Hide and Creep land that feels like sending anyone some free swag just know that I am here and waiting. wink wink nudge nudge. Go here to see more info http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0422419/

Today's figure of choice is "Filmation's Ghostbusters Fangster" made by Schaper in 1986. These figures were based off of charecters from a short lived cartoon. I like the villains which is what 99% of my collection of figures is. but I especially like werewolves so I had to get this guy to add to my werewolf army. The articulated bits are the arms, legs and head and I think he comes with a backpack but I don't have it. He is a very cool figure and pretty rare. Let's all bark at the moon.

the scribble bombardment I summon forth today is this gooey Tentically beast with female treat. I originally did this doodle to get an idea for a collab drawing I was going to do with someone on deviantart but I am to busy to do it at the moment. So instead I will offer it up as my sketch of the day here. Enjoy

That's all folks.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Fearless Vampire Killers, Jane’s Addiction, Dragon riders of the Styx and Monkthulhu

Hell-Oh wait a minute it's that time again for me to speak my mind and try to keep your attention for the next few moments. So let me get on with it. This morning I had to listen to a salesman speak his jibber jabber about re shingling my roof. Why his company is the best choice for the job and what they could do for blah, blah, blah. Yeah thanks for signing me up for that my loving wife. ;p The whole time he was speaking all i could think about was the massive dump knockin at my back door asking to be let out. A good thing did happen before he came over though. My mother-in-law brought me over a deceased opossum. I know your thinking what does he want a dead opossum for. Well I like skeletons and skulls. My collection of them is getting to a reasonable size now. I like using them for reference for art plus they are great conversation starters. I have a cage in the backyard so the bugs can do their work. mmm dead things.

Today while writing this I am listening to the awesome soundings of "Jane’s Addiction Kettle Whistle". Great Band to let your mind wonder and put you in a mellow mood. It's a live album with 15 tracks and I can't get enough of it. I know I listen to many different types of music but I have many personalities and they all have different musical interests from classical to death metal. I'm very open minded and don't like to lump myself into any one category when I can enjoy many styles. Makes life easier to swallow.

Last night I watched a movie called "The Fearless Vampire Killers or: Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck" 1967 directed by Roman Polanski. It's about a professor and his sidekick and their search for vampires. It was kinda slow but with today's fast paced movies I can see why. 1967 was a totally different era for movies. It had some funny moments though. It also had Sharon Tate in it which was kinda weird since I mentioned Charlie Manson yesterday. Spooky. You can go here and see more info on this classic. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0061655/

Today's figure is from a very rare obscure line called "Dragon Riders of the Styx" made by DFC between 1983 and 1984. The one pictured is the demon. The figures of this line are articulated at the head, arms, legs and knees. This is probably my favorite collection. Great sculpts and concepts for the figures and vehicles. They work well with the Dungeons & Dragons toy line from the same era. I was lucky to find alot of them at a flea market but if you get them from eBay expect to pay a hefty sum. Especially if they are mint in box.

I love today's sketch. I doodled this idea out to get a visual for a painting I am going to do. I already had the little shocker creature on the page though so he was consumed by "Monkthulhus" massiveness. I colored him with markers. He shall be reborn in acrylics though so keep an eye out.

So long everyone. I'm getting hungry and need to replenish my madness.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gut Pile, Maniac Cop, Necro, D-Compose, Doodles

Howdy doody everyone. I'm doing today's blog a little late today since Ive been busy as hell all day. Been taking pics of toys and putting them up on eBay. Since I got laid off I have to find other ways to make money and one of those is selling off some of my toy collection. I put up all my MOTU commemorative series so if your looking for any of those go take a look and help me out. It would be greatly appreciated. I will also be posting alot more stuff over the next few weeks so keep checking back.
My EBay Goodies

The Beats of ear throbbing evil are brought to you today by "Necro - The Pre-Fix For Death". Not many Hip Hop albums sample death metal and talk about crazy gore filled madness and if they do none are better than Necro. Necro has an amazing lyrical spitting quality and his beats and samples are always great. From Charlie Manson, to death metal to horror movies your ears will be filled with all kinds of mad treats. The cover in itself is awesome done by the great Ed Repka. I love that guys art. Give it a listen but be warned you might want to beat someones head in with a shovel afterwards.

I have a double bill of movies for you today. The first one is "Gut Pile" 1997 directed by Jerry O'Sulliven. They should have called it "Dung Heap" or "What the hell was I thinking when I made this piece of crap". It's about a hunter who accidentally shoots some guy and freaks out and instead of telling the cops he buries the guy in the woods. A year later he comes back to the same spot for hunting and is haunted and hunted by the spirit. First off it starts off like a horror but I guess they realise how retarded it is so they try to save it by putting in some comedy. The acting was horrible and for some reason one of the guys kept switching from a nice trimmed beard to fake bushy beard just about every other scene. They tried to rip off Sam Raimi's style which they shouldn't have done. I laughed quite a bit at this movie so I guess that could be a good thing. I think the main reason I laughed was because of my wife's reactions. seriously if you like horrible movies then this one is for you. The extras even have a couple more shorts that you can watch. I watched one of them called Stumped but not the other. I seriously couldn't handle any more but if you would like to, go here to see more info. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119240/

The second movie I watched was the classic "Maniac Cop" 1988 directed by William Lustig. This was a great way to wash the stink out my mouth from Gut Pile. It has Bruce Campbell and I love that guy. I met him twice at his book signings and spoken words. Anyway its about some cop who starts killing innocent people. Later on you find out it was because he was wronged by some governor and sent to prison with a ton of guys he sent there and gets beaten and stabbed to the point of death. It was probably alot better back when it first came out but i still enjoyed it. Go here to see more info. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095583/

The awesome figure I'm showing you today is The Inhumanoids "D-compose" made by Hasbro in 1986. He stands about 14 inches tall and is articulated in the arms, head and legs and a little bit in the rib cage. One of my favorite toys for sure. This was an obscure line with some great figures and monsters. I will be showing other figures from this line sometime but had to show my favorite one first. I use him for the muscle of my skeleton/zombie figure army :D

Today's sketch is a few little creature and robot doodles. I have quite a few pages filled with weird creature doodles so expect to see alot more like this. It's a great way to get my ideas out.

Hope you enjoyed today's episode. See you again tomorrow kiddies.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Vanishing, Suicidal Tendencies, Glow Creature and Zombie King

It's that time again deads and ghouls. So open your eye sockets and clean out your sound holes because your about to take another journey into my world. Let's get started shall we.

So what Happened today so far. Well I finished putting up a ceiling fan so I can scratch that off the chore list. Woohoo!!! Talk about a pain in the ass. Wouldn't be that bad except it was at the top of a vaulted ceiling so yeah - bad times. I almost got to see one of my cats take down a crane (bird) this morning while eating breakfast but my dog barked and so my cat lost its focus. Damn dogs always ruining my fun. That's about it for that sort of business.

Today's ear hole orgasmic pulse pounder is brought to you by "Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow". I grew up on this band and they've seen me thru many a problem and hard times. I will always love this band. Well at least the albums I hold dear to my heart, and this is one of them. Great beats, bashings and screams all the way thru this treasure chest captured on a round disc. All hail ST!!!

The movie I watched last night was called "The Vanishing" 1993 directed by George Sluizer. Not a horror movie but a pretty good thriller. Jeff Bridges plays one of those great dad family guys with a twisted dark side. He should have won an oscar for this one. It also has Kiefer Sutherland who plays the boyfriend of Sandra Bullock. Anyway she gets kidnapped by Jeff and Kiefer is on an obsessive search to find out what happened to her. Not a bad flick and I definitely enjoyed the ending part with the shovel. If you've seen it then you know what I'm talking about. If you like to watch evil bastards at work then you will like this one. I'd say its worth a watch. Go here to see more info

I dug up one of my older comics, based on an 80's action figure toy line called "Super Naturals", to read today. I love the toys because they had a great concept with holograms and monsters and the comic is pretty cool as well. I wish they would have had more of them but there was only 2 issues and they were only released in Europe. They each came with a mask of one of the characters and was filled with a few short stories and games and whatnot's. Great concept. I don't know why it didn't last.

Today's figure of monstrosity is The Glow in the dark Universal Monsters "Creature from the Black Lagoon" made by Remco in 1979. It's 3 3/4 inches tall and has the normal articulation of that era (head, arms and legs). This is probably one of the rarest figures in the line. I'm a long time fan of the movies so i had to get him. I actually have both versions of this figure. The normal version is a dark green color but the same sculpt. If there was ever a remake of a movie to be done I wish they would do this one, but only if they get the right script and directer because they've been remaking some real gas bombs lately. Enjoy him in all his gloriousness-ness.

The last thing I have to bring to your visual aids today is my sketch of the day. This one is titled "Reign of the Zombie King". Another great time spent with paper and ink and markers and a smidgen of acrylics. Who doesn't love zombies and all their oozy, gooeyness of grotesquries. Stare at it awhile and soak in its beautiful horrors. This was based on a dream I had after watching a documentary on the atomic bombing of Nagasaki a few weeks ago on the History channel before we got rid of cable for money reasons. Man that was an eye opening documentary. BRUTAL!!

Thus ends another day of my broadcast. If you like anything on this page please leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again for looking.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Keeper, Neurosis, BeetleBorgs, Demons and Skulls

Good evening dudemires and chiklets. Not much today in the way of goings on so I will get right into the show.

Last nights movie time was "The Keeper" 2004 directed by Paul Lynch. I checked this movie out because it has Dennis Hopper and Asia Argento. Dennis plays a cop lieutenant with serious issues from childhood. Asia plays a stripper. Long story short Dennis kidnaps Asia and tries to rehabilitate her and make her a respectable person but it backfires and all kinds of crap happens. Not a movie that I'd want to watch over and over again but it's worth a watch. Even if the movie is a steaming pile of crap (not saying this one is) Dennis usually does a great job. All I have to say is Dennis needs another "Blue Velvet" role. Now that movie kicks ass. Go here to see more on this movie

That movie didn't satisfy my peepers quite enough so I had to watch "The Frighteners" by Peter Jackson. I love this movie. I've watched it a tremendous amount of times and will continue to do so. Can't say enough great things about this movie. If you hate it I don't care. It's a great mix of comedy, action and horror that always satisfies. If you haven't seen it then your missing out. Go here to see more http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116365/

While Writing this blog my protruding listening cavities were blessed by the awesome sounds of "Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets". This is an amazing album and never ceases to amaze me. Neurosis is probably my fav band and if it's not then its in the top five. They are a great mix of sounds that send my mind a wandering thru portals to different dimensions and leaves me feeling like I've been blessed by the almighty hands of god. I was lucky enough to see them live and it was one of my favorite experiences ever! I would sell my wife on the black market so i could follow them around and see all their shows. Sorry dear. anyway Great tunes.

Today's action figure of the day is this mummy from Beetleborgs. It was made by BanDai in 1997 and was part of a set of 6 monsters called the Hillhurst Monsters. Now I'm not into Beetleborgs at all and have only seen the show once but I like monsters and I thought these toys were funny. I mean look at this guy. He looks like a mummy with downs syndrome. By no means is he one of my fav toys but he makes me laugh. He stands about 5 inches tall and the only articulation he has is that his arms move so that is disappointing but at least you know his leg joints will never get loose and he will always be able to stand with no problems.

Yesterday was very productive in the way of sketches. I did about 5 pages in my little book and this here is one of them. I really like how this guy turned out. I named the piece "Guardian of the 1st Gate" as I am planning on continuing this series and the only one I've done so far is the Guardian of the 6th gate. It started out as a video game idea I came up with but kind of lost steam. I was reading some of my notes on it and drew this guy as a result. So expect to see a finished piece with some adjustments and background later on down the road along with the other 11 gate guardians. Yes there are going to be 13. If someone wants to pay me for the idea I'll let them have it cause it would be a great game and I'd really like to see it come to fruition but I'm not the one to do it.

Thanks so much for participating in today's broadcast and hope to see you again tomorrow.

Until then have a better one.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shrooms, Eerie Von, When Puppets Attack & A Sea Serpent

Hello kiddies it's that time again. Another mad rant from yours truly. Ok so what is it about the walmart employees. Does the owner drive a bus to the mental hospital and gather people up to work for the day or something? Last night I was looking at the movies while the wifey was shopping and luckily my spider sense tingled and I looked up because as soon as i did i seen a huge metal cart heading straight for me. I jumped out of the way just in the nick of time. When I look to see who the operator of this deadly attack device was I see this teenage girl and she smiles at me like nothing happened. WTF?!? I could just picture the news headline on that one. "Local Mad Scientist Minced Into Pulpy Meat Bits By Metal Attack Wagon At Walmart"

A-N-Y-W-A-Y let's get on with it shall we.

Todays musical enjoyment for your (when I say your I mean my) ear lobes is Eerie Von & Mike Morance - Uneasy Listening. Eerie Von from the original Misfits, Samhain and Danzig fame has his own tasty tunage and let me tell you he is amazing. He has a few albums out and they are all really good. Well in my opinion anyway. Nuff Said

Last nights movie watching experience was a treat called "Shrooms" directed by Paddy Breathnach. It's about some american college kids who go to Ireland for a magic mushroom fun filled camping trip deep in the woods. I have to say this was an interesting and suprisingly creepy viewing and when I put it in my netflix que I wasn't expecting much. The background story was pretty cool, not much in the way of gory bits but they took it back to the original texas chainsaw where you had to use your imagination for that but they pulled it off well. Add some back woods freaks and evil haunts plus you throw in strange tripped out bizarness and you got gold in my book. Kind of a mix of the grudge, and the ring in the looks of it. I might actually be the only one that liked it but I got a thing for creepy woods filled with hillbillies and halucinagenics. They did a great job producing it and the acting was quite well. I give this one a thumbs up. Go here for more info.

Todays plastic wonder is brought to us by Sota Toys and the name of the series is "When Puppets Attack" made in 2004. There are 6 puppets in this series and the one pictured is "Barlowe". I have all but the witch but i didnt really want her anyway. These are awesomely fun to play with. A few of them are pretty much the same sculpt with minor differences but they are still damn cool. I love crazy puppets and these are at the top of the list besides my boxing satan. Look them up and purchase them for a crazy adventure of hand up back excitement.

Now on to the scribble of the day which is titled "The Slack Jawed Sea Serpent". I since vectorized him and changed him up a bit and turned him into tattoo flash but I really like the original idea here. Was a fun doodle done during my last hours of work in the corporate hell because everone knows I wasn't going to do any more work for a company that was laying me off.

Hope you enjoyed todays broadcast chillins. Until next time I bid thee farewell.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Orphaned Art Law, Corpses Are Forever, 2 Headed Skeletons & Snake Tounge Voodoo

I was in a good mood this morning until I heard about this orphaned art law that they are trying to pass. This is an outrage to the artist community as a whole. Please if your an artist of any kind go here and read this article and do whatever you can to keep this law from passing. http://mag.awn.com/index.php?ltype=%20pageone&article_no=3605&page=3

Now back to the show
so i watched this zombie movie called "Corpses Are Forever" last night. It's directed by Jose Prendes. What can I say about this movie. It starts out black and white and leaves you as confused as a porn star with the HIV but then a bit into it it becomes colorized and you finally understand whats going on and you can get into the story. The story was kinda interesting. It was about a CIA agent named Malcolm Grant who is basically a guinea pig and injected with some kind of serum so he can relive the memories of some guy who they think is the first zombie. They are doing this so they can try to figure out how the zombie outbreak happened and put an end to it. So this being said its basically flashing in and out of both these characters stories. In case your going to see it I don't want to give away the twists and too much of the plot so I will leave it at that. At least it wasn't the same ole zombie movie but the acting was really bad and the fight scenes with zombies were let me say "Dolemite-esque" meaning when the guy throws a punch or a kick its obviously about a foot or more from the zombies body so unless this guy has super human abilities then there is something wrong. Now if your like me I try to enjoy it for what it is and have a good time with it so i got quite a few laughs from it because it was so bad but if your looking for a serious movie you will be disappointed. The budget looks like it was very low so I applaud them for what they did with the budget. the dialogue could have been a bit better though. Go here to find out more http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0301661/

Today's toy is this 2 headed skeleton. I have no idea what company put these out or what the name of it is so if anyone knows please tell me. There are no dates or company info on him. I have 2 different versions of him. This black version and a white version. Both identical sculpts just opposite color schemes. They are about 4 inches tall and very well made. One of the coolest happy accident toys i have found whilst scavenging flea markets and eBay trying to build my skeleton army. please if you have any info let me know and thanks.

Today's sketch is titled "Snake Tongue Voodoo". I rather like this doodle and may turn it into an actual drawing one day. Sketched out while waiting for an oil change. Time well spent if I do say so myself. Let me know what you think and if you would like to see it as an updated finished piece.

That's all today folks so please go check out that orphaned art law link and help keep copyrights in the hands of the artists and not the thieves we all call the government and big business because they are the only ones that stand to gain from that abortion bill.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Color white, Cutie Honey, Underworld Warriors etc...

Hello all. Todays blog is brought to you by the color white. Why white you ask. Because for some reason I think that color is out to get me today. I was on my way to the post office to mail off some arty goodness when I pulled up to a stop sign on the corner. All of a sudden a white car pulls up behind me, another white car pulls up to the stop sign on the other side of the street and yet 2 more white cars are coming towards us on the main road. I had enough time to go so I went and was soon being followed by 4 white cars. Then when I get to the end of that street and pull out on to the next road a white van pulls up behind me. since we were at a red light I pictured in my head 4 big burly mo fos jumping out of it in white jump suits and gas masks and taking me hostage. Am I paranoid or is it a conspiracy. You decide. All I have to say is watch out for white people today and that includes me.

Now on to our regularly scheduled program.

Last night I watched a movie called "Cutie Honey". It's a live action version based off of the Go Nagai classic anime and directed by Hideaki Anno. The very delicious Eriko Sato played Cutie Honey. For those that know me they know that I love anime and weird off the wall shiz and this movie was pure genious in my warped mind. Picture mighty morphin power rangers and beetle borgs on crack with hot chicks and bizarre costumes. I laughed histerically at this masterpiece of insane visuals and crazy situations. The short version of what the movies about is an evil gang called the panther claw wants to steal Cuties "I-System" so they can take over the world. I don't like giving movies away so you'll just have to see it for yourself. If you like anime, cos play or just plain insane experiences go rent this movie. It might just make your head explode. Go here to see more about this movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0409860/

Todays toy is the blue skeleton goatlord guy. I'm not sure of his name but i know he comes from a toy line called "Underworld Warriors" and they are from the mid 80's. these guys are awesome as hell. Each figure in the series has the same exact body style but different color schemes and different heads. I only have 2 of them, this one and a pink, white devil who will be posted at a later date. I should have posted him since this blog is about white and he is a white devil but alas I'm to lazy to take another pic and upload so you'll just have to wait. if anyone has any of these and wants to get rid of them let me know. we can trade or work something out.

Here I would usually talk about a comic book I am reading but since I've lost my job and can't get any new comics for awhile I will tell you about a book I'm reading instead. The one I am currently reading is "Giants, Monsters & Dragons - An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and Myth" by Carol Rose. This book is a treasure of anything about myths and legends. It's in alphabetical order and I'm only starting the C's. needless to say I'll be reading this one for awhile since I usually only have time to read about 1 double page spread a day. thats why I like comics cause I can read one in a sitting and be done with it. Anyway this is filled with the stories parents told their kids to keep them out of trouble and all the crazy urban legends from the begginning of time to the more recent. If you want some info or just some crazy ideas for a drawing this is a good book to get ideas from.

Now on to the sketch of the day. these will be from my most recent sketchbook doodle thingy. This book is where I just scratch something down to get an idea for a later drawing. These are by no means cleaned or perfect but it's a fun way to warm up or clear my head of images to go back to. I will post one page a day. You might be able to recognize some of the stuff in drawings in my gallery. Others may never see the light of day. Quite a few I'm going to work into paintings but for now you can enjoy it's scribbaly goodness. The sketch book pages are about 5x8 inches. and all sketches are done with a pen and sometimes colored with markers.

What better way to start a Dr. Twistid blog then with a Dr. Twistid sketch. For your viewing pleasure i present you with me all scribbaly. Enjoy

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Welcome To My World of Madness

Hello everyone.
This is my new blog.
This is where I will be talking about stuff that interests me.
What will you expect from my blog?
Well let me tell you.
  1. I will post my sketches and works in progress here and here only. Once a piece of art is finished it will be posted in one of my online galleries. If you want to see my sketches and works in progress come here.
  2. I will talk about movies. Mainly horror movies and cartoons of course but the occasional comedy, or action movie will slip in now and again. Depends on what I watch that day really.
  3. I will also talk about toys. I love toys and will post a pic of my favorite toys from the 70's to the present.
  4. I will talk about comic books I'm reading or have read over the years.
  5. I will talk about whats going on in my life from conventions I will be at to something interesting that happened. Who knows what kind of crazy stuff you will hear.