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Friday, October 31, 2008

Sketch 31 - Sir Sucks Alot - Happy Halloween Everybody

Here is the final creature sketch for the 31 days of Halloween sketch celebration. He is a nasty little creature who will drain you of your soul. Kind of a giant mosquito if you will. I hope you enjoyed my sketches.
"Sir Sucks Alot" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

tune in next month to see pics of the "Art After Dark" and "Monsters of Art" shows I was in and "The Ultimate Horror Weekend" pics and other such goodness that I will blog about. Don't miss the madness!!!

here is an extra quick sketch for Halloween. Something special just for you kiddies since I love this holiday so much.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sketch 30 - Shivlimbs

This creepy guy has a point to his story.
It's sharp and witty.
Pity it will be a quick read.
Because he needs your blood to fill more pages.

Shivlimbs is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

tonight is the "Monsters of Art Show" and I cant wait.
I get 3 pieces hung in this show so I'm happy as hell.
It's going to be a good time.
I'm glad it's cooler in Florida right now because my costume is going to be hot.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sketch 29 - Foliage of Fear

watch out for this plant species.
its pretty decorations draw you in for a closer look and
it grabs you with its mouth arms and then you are dinner.
mmmmm tasty human - the other other white meat :D

today is my wife and I's 3rd anniversary so instead of flowers I got her this plant. she liked it at first but I don't think I'll be seeing her for our 4th.
bwa ha hahahahaha
kidding dear :D
I love you!!!

"Foliage of Fear" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sketch 28 - Slugickulous Diseaserium

This type of slug is tiny but packs a big punch.
It's secretion is very deadly.
Only the smallest amount will turn whomever touches it into a disease ridden corpse within minutes.
So wear your shoes at all times because it can only infect bare skin. That is your only saving grace.

Slugickulous Diseaserium" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sketch 27 - Werepiggy

No one ever hears the story of the 4th little pig because he was just a visiting cousin but there was one.
And he was bitten but escaped and is now living in the woods for all to fear.

I'm going to write a story based on this character so expect to see alot more of him.
I like him so much that I modeled my Halloween costume after him. partly anyway. The costume kinda went in a silly direction because of time issues but you'll see that soon enough.

"Werepiggy" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sketch 26 - Ghoulash

I love this drawing for some reason.
so simple yet so awesome :D
I really like the double sided snake head idea.
I'm going to have to use that again.

only one week left of my sketches.
I hope you've been enjoying them.

"Ghoulash" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sketch 25 - Reptillagrizzly

I don't even know how to explain this one :D
he is an amalgamation of creatures and body parts thrown together to make an abomination.
I really like him.
I mean whats not to like about a face that's safety pinned on with a long crocodile type mouth coming out of the human mouth hole.
That and snakes for transportation.
I mean c'mon he is awesome :D

"Reptillagrizzly" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sketch 24 - Double Trouble

There's a hole in the bucket dear liza, dear liza there's a hole in the bucket and that's where I stick out my leg.
Double Trouble is the newest installment to the "Daddies Little Freak show" family.
look thru my gallery to find the others in this bizarre family of freaks.

I had alot of fun on this one. I love drawing freaks and mutants.
"Double Trouble" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sketch 23 - John the Alien

I always thought it would be funny to draw a crazy looking alien and call him John. I don't know why but it makes me laugh.
anyways this was a fun doodle. I keep trying to push my wierdness in these sketches and it hasnt failed me yet.

"John the Alien" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sketch 22 - Mistress Beaktrice

Snap snap go the multiple beaks all over her body.
She has so many because she has alot to say.
Only things about her do they speak.
Shes so full of herself but hey.
You would be too if your boobs had nipple beaks.

The first name I came up with for her was bird flu lulu but I liked Mistress Beaktrice better.
she was a fun one to draw and started out as something completely different in my head. sometimes the hand just takes over.

Mistress Beaktrice is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sketch 21 - Count Orbscaren III once removed

The most evil count in all the land.
Walks around on webbed feet and hands.
Some say he looks like a duck.
He says he doesn't give a -
Focus on the task in front of us.
We need to burn down his fortress.
Grab the torches and all the gas.
Were gonna fry that mothers ass.
Get rid of that jerk for good.
I wonder how he would taste as food.

I find this creature sketch quite amusing.
I hope you enjoy him as well.
"Count Orbscaren III once removed" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sketch 20 - GoreIllor

This beast be brutal.
Malevolent, cranky and unkind.
In his spare time he likes to unwind.
By ripping off your head and drinking its contents.

This is one of my fav designs so far.
He will be seen again.
"Gorillor" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sketch 19 - Arachnoworm

Slithery and crawly in one creepy package.
You will be its dinner fo sho!

description is lacking today because I had way too much fun at Screamfest yesterday. didn't leave until about 3am and had an hour and a half drive home.
I'm going to go relax and watch some horror movie called slugs.
until tommorrow kiddies - see ya

"Arachnoworm" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sketch - 18 Elefright Tuskedor

check him 0ut in the new muscle fitness.
he talks about his success as a body builder
and his high protein human meat shake supplements.

"Elefright Tuskedor" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand.

sorry about the short description but I'm on my way to Screamfest people!!!!!
See ya!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Monsters of Art Show - St. Pete, Florida

here is a flyer for an upcoming show that I will be in.
This will be a good time so if you can make it I suggest you do so.
It's the day before halloween so come dressed as a monster and you could win a costume contest!!!
I did not create this flyer but will promote it gladly.
here is the link to their myspace page

Check them out!!!!
and come see me there!!!!
or I will poo on your shoes.

Sketch 17 - Lizgordo

this guy kinda reminds me of something that would show up on "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" or some other show like that.
hint hint - I will sell him cheap :D

was a fun creature to draw, strange yes, but still fun.
and 4 big bites out of your hide at the same time is pretty scary.

"Lizgordo" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Elvira Mistress of the Dark Tribute

This is my tribute to one of the greatest female icons on the planet. Elvira is the fantasy of many a man with her hotness and her wildness. Need I say more.

I am going to meet her at Screamfest this weekend and I can't wait. hopefully she likes my tribute.
I will just have to wait and see.

black ink, markers, acrylics and colored pencils

Sketch 16 Wee Wee Monsteur Poo Head

I don't even know where to start for a poem or a description on this monster. All I know is that he was alot of fun to draw and that he made me laugh my ass off. When I looked at the mustache it reminded me of France so that is why the title is what it is. You have to say it in a French accent :D

"Wee Wee Monsteur Poo Head" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sketch 15 - Wormser Wormsy

Nobody likes me.
Everybody hates me.
because I have worms growing out of my ears.
and chin
I also have them for fingers and toes.
but go ahead and make fun of me.
I will bite your face off with my many rows of shark like teeth.

"Wormser Wormsy" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sketch 14 - Canis Freakus Lupus

Once and awhile when the full moon shines bright.
Out of the shadowy night,
comes Canis Freakus Lupus.
6 eyes, 2 mouths, 4 legs and 2 arms.
All of which want to cause you harm.
So if you hear a double howl,
Or a guttural growl.
You will most likely meet your demise,
By the Canis Freakus Lupus.

This was a fun creature to create.
Started out as a werewolf but then I said why just have a plain ole werewolf when I can make a freaky upgrade :D
"Canis Freakus Lupus" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sketch 13 - twotimein tortoise

2 times the trouble.
In one lumpy shell.
Mess with him.
And you will soon see hell.

when I was a kid I used to love drawing faces that when you flip the picture over it would be another face.
I tried to incorporate that process with this guy.
the flipped face isn't hidden like the ones I used to draw but I still really like this creature.
one of my fav of the sketches so far.

"twotimein tortoise" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Sunday, October 12, 2008

George Romero Zombie tribute

This is my tribute to George Romero and all his great zombie movies. You are a great man George.
thanks for all the good times, scares and memories.

I am going to Screamfest next weekend and George will be there for the 30th anniversary of the "Dawn of the Dead" so hopefully I can get him to sign this.
It would be a great honor to have him sign my tribute.

I drew this last night and colored it this morning.
black ink, markers, acrylics
Horror movies watched while working on this
"Hellevator" and "Empire of the ants"

this is not part of the sketch a day for October

Sketch 12 - Ugh Lee

Ugh Lee kicks your ass now and doesn't ask questions later.
That's just the kind of beastie he is.
And while your laying there on the ground.
He will drain you of all your life essence.
He has alot of mouths to feed.

I love drawing strange creatures if you couldn't tell :D
thanks for stopping by.
it would be nice if someone left a comment on any of these though.
let me know if you like them or not.

"Ugh Lee" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sketch 11 - Twistid Thing

This is kind of a tribute to one of my favorite movies "The Thing".
I've seen that movie so many times and will never grow tired of it.
This is my character Dr. Twistids head with a spidery body and other such mutant conditions.
I really like how this came out and will probably turn it into an ID or something for my deviantart page.

Remember kids Dr. Twistid rules the schoolyard.

"Twistid Thing" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sketch 10 - Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe is sloppy indeed.
He is definitely in need -
of a plastic suit.

I wish the scan came out better.
the original is so much more vibrant with color.
anyway I really like this doodle.
It was alot of fun.

I hope you have been enjoying my sketch a day so far.
I've been enjoying making them.
Sloppy Joe is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sketch 9 - Say What!?!

What the hell is this?
I don't know but I wouldn't want to get near it.
All I know is that you must fear it.
If you get close it will absorb you.
Then what will you do.
Nothing that's what.
So just stay away.
You have been warned.

this was a crazy little doodle.
I like just letting my mind wander into madness and see what comes out.

"Say What!?!" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sketch 8 - Harold and Hermies the Hand Puppet

Let's put on a show.
An old fashioned good time show.
I have my hand puppet.
And you have your asses.
So sit them down in those chairs provided.
Your eyes will be filled with amazement.
Your hearts will be filled with glee.
You will get so excited.
That you will want to throw money at me.
So do it.
Do it now.
Because I'm hungry and I need to eat.
And if I don't get your money.
Then I will feast on your feet.

This guy was alot of fun to draw.
kinda reminds me of the circus punk toy thingies.
Harold and Hermies the Hand Puppet is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sketch 7 - Blooderfly

The blooderfly will eat your soul.
and drip dry your insides.
nuff said

I really like this creature design.
I am going to use him in other stuff.
Yes I will.
sorry the poem was so short but since the creature is so cool I had a loss for words.

hope you all have been enjoying my sketch a day for October.
I have been having a ton of fun on them.
Blooderfly is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sketch 6 - I Need Medication

Too much stress.
and too much coffee.
brings forth this beast from inside me.
Get your own damn stapler.
and stay away from me.

Silly poem I know.
I don't stress out that often.
I'm usually calm and collected.
but I imagine this is what I'd turn into if I did stress out.

I need medication is copyrighted Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sketch 5 - Witch Tree by the other Witch Tree by the sea

This tree that resides by the sea.
Ti's a witch, cursed to be this monstrosity.
So many spells cast upon others.
Came back 10 fold from all the victims lovers.
Now she is rooted in this god forsaken soil.
forever to live in anguish and turmoil.
No more lizard and bat wing stew.
No more drinking her favorite frogs toe brew.
No more hexes cast upon love anew.
Only staring out into this endless sea of blue.
boo hoo

the title came about because I did a picture quite a ways back called "Witch Tree by the Sea" and after I doodled this one out it resembled a tree so I figured she could reside by the other witch tree. maybe its the only way to dispose of witches and their magic.
trap them inside earth and bark. sounds good to me.

"Witch Tree by the other Witch Tree by the sea" is copyrighted by me :D Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sketch 4 - Sir Samuel Leumas the 3rd

Sir Samuel Leumas the 3rd rhymes with turd.
but rest assured -
he is not stinky.
he flies around on a dragon named Binky.
shes quite blinky -
but ferocious when she needs to be.
breathing fire and smashing things with her tail.
in comparison Sir Samuel is quite frail.
but he knows how to kick some asses.
wiping his butt with the masses.
schooling them like it was Monday morning classes.
so get some glasses.
so you can see.
that Sir Samuel Leumas is a creature indeed.
I don't know if Samuel here is considered a creature or a knight but this is what came out of my mind when doodling something up.
Since its almost Halloween i think he is invading the candy castle.
I'm digging the cloud with the fez on. I'm going to have to use him in something else one of these days.
anyway rest assured all the rest of the doodles will be creatures more beastly and monstrous from here on out.

Sir Samuel Leumas the 3rd is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sketch 3 - King of the Hill

He is king of the hill and lord of the roost.
Pole dancers and skulls give him a boost.
Do not venture into his domain or you will lose your head.
Then your skull will rest on the hill of the dead.

I am having a blast with these daily sketches.
this is a fun drawing exercise in speed and creativity.
I hope you are enjoying them as well.
keep joining in because there are 28 more days of this.
King of the Hill is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sketch Two - Pickled Herring

I walk on my hands and sit indian style.
out of my mouth spurts all things vile.
I have a cock on my head and my socks are argyle.
so please just someone give me a smile.
I really like this crazy doodle.
one of those sketches that just kept getting stranger and stranger as i went along.
anyway this one was alot of fun so i hope you enjoy and remember there are still 29 more days of these silly monstrosities.
Pickled Herring is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sketch One - From the Depths

This creature from the depths is a dangerous thing, an evil thing, a hungry thing. This creature from the depths will eat your legs in one bite clean, then have a lullaby to sing to soften the sting of your demise.
This started out as a doodle on my office calender. I liked it so much that I tore it out and glued it in my doodle diary and colored around him with markers and acrylics.
This is only day one people.
Only 30 more days of this nonsense.
Art and poem copyrighted by Geff Bartrand A.K.A. Dr. Twistid
Tune in tomorrow for the next installment of my circus sideshow of creatures.