Dr. Twistid Commercial

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ultimate Horror Weekend booth pics

Here are some pics of me at my booth. I had such a great time and did very well in the sales department. I couldn't spend any money though so I didn't even go into the actor room because the temptation of dropping tons of cash down on autographs was to big. I concentrated on selling stuff and networking and it was a blast. So many cool people, great costumes and a ton of great artists and vendors. I love this show and it just gets better every year. I highly recommend you go sometime. It's always a good time.

Mr. Phill approved of the Dr. Twistid booth and did this great advertisement for it!! Thanks Phill!!

Spooky Empire's fun around the booth!!

These pics are of good times around the booth area and some cool booths and such. The only person I took a pic with this year was the amazing Tattoo artist Paul Booth. This guys Tats rock. I wish I could afford one. I wrote one of my college papers based on his Last Rites studio and tats so it was cool to actually meet him in person.

Ultimate Horror Weekend Pool Party

Here are some pics from the nightly pool party. Within these pictures are

Mr. Phill http://mr-phill.deviantart.com/


Matt Reynolds and company http://monsterrot.com/


Dr. Twistid and company

Bill! Bill! Bill! (inside Joke)

Spooky Empire's Costumed Creepies part 2

Here is another batch of the costumed kiddies from the awesome fun filled Ultimate Horror Weekend!!