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Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Is The Pat Carlucci Blog

hi everyone. this blog is dedicated to Pat Carlucci. why because i just got a couple of his sketch books and i figured it would be a good way to promote an awesome artist whos style i really like. ive been wanting to get his sketchbooks for a long time now but losing the job put that on hold. but now that i have a job again i went ahead and purchased them and it was well worth it.

i got volume 1 and 2 of the sketchbooks and he threw in 3 prints and the Trailer Park of Terror comic #6 which Pat did art for the story "How To Make A Maniac Out Of Mack". They were all signed by Pat and the comic was also signed by Chris March & James Dracoules (Creators of the TRAILER PARK OF TERROR comic and producers of the TRAILER PARK OF TERROR movie. i was not expecting the extra goodness but it was well recieved and enjoyed.

thanks again for everything Pat.
you made my day when this came to the door!!

go check out Pats deviant art page
and support the hell out of him.
hes truly an amazing talent. and he draws the chickies great :D

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Geo said...

im gonna have to check them out.