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Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Is The Pat Carlucci Blog

hi everyone. this blog is dedicated to Pat Carlucci. why because i just got a couple of his sketch books and i figured it would be a good way to promote an awesome artist whos style i really like. ive been wanting to get his sketchbooks for a long time now but losing the job put that on hold. but now that i have a job again i went ahead and purchased them and it was well worth it.

i got volume 1 and 2 of the sketchbooks and he threw in 3 prints and the Trailer Park of Terror comic #6 which Pat did art for the story "How To Make A Maniac Out Of Mack". They were all signed by Pat and the comic was also signed by Chris March & James Dracoules (Creators of the TRAILER PARK OF TERROR comic and producers of the TRAILER PARK OF TERROR movie. i was not expecting the extra goodness but it was well recieved and enjoyed.

thanks again for everything Pat.
you made my day when this came to the door!!

go check out Pats deviant art page
and support the hell out of him.
hes truly an amazing talent. and he draws the chickies great :D

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Batman, Hellboy 2, Gordan Bloody, Toys

hello chillins sorry ive been away for so long but thems the shits. for some reason when i get home from work and get on my computer i get really bad headaches. probably because the color settings on the monitors are done differently. that and i live in florida and every night its been raining and lighting/thundering and i dont turn my computer on when that is happening. anyway enough with the excuses lets get down to business.

last weekend i went and saw Hellboy 2 and it was glorious. probably my new favorite movie. atleast until i see the new batman which hopefully will be this weekend but im going to see flugtag on Saturday and have a b-day party to go to after that so depending on the drunken levels i reach and if there is a hangover will decide that. one cool thing happened last weekend though. we went to see my wifes granny and since where she was was near the only toys r us we have around here anymore i wanted to stop in and see what they had. lo and behold they had batman and the joker there so i got my pic taken with them. im such a goof when it comes to stuff like that. i also picked up the AVP alien/predator hybrid for cheaper than any where else ive seen him so that was cool. i also got the GI Joe snake eyes vs red ninja trooper toys r us exclusive gift pack.

since ive been away for awhile i wont post a toy of the week but instead i will post this group shot of some of my newer toys that ive got over the past few months. hopefully this will make up for the lack of being on here. its a great mix of new and vintage toys so ive covered both spectrums.

along the same lines as toys here is a project i just recently finished. his name is "Gordan Bloody" and he is the newest edition to my twistid toys family. he looks awesome in person and creeeps me the hell out. i love him as if he were my flesh and blood. enjoy the still shots here and check out the blog below to see a little vidjo i put together cause i thought it would be fun. its another really short vidjo. im like punk rock for vidjos :D

anyway i hope to be posting more frequent blogs from now on so keep checking back for the great helpings of fiberous info that will help your bowels move their contents.

Gordan Bloody

this is just a silly vidjo of one of my latest creations. i used the ribcage from a cheap halloween skeleton, a doll head with those creepy googly eyes, arms from some skeleton print backpack and some spray foam. then painted him with acrylics. the pics dont do him justice. he looks awesome in person. one of my favorite misfit toys. enjoy the insanity. i will post some still pics in my next blog.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

NOTLD Animation Sequence

this is what i did for the Night of the Living Dead Reanimated project. 1 month of busting my ass painting about 60 frames for 8 seconds. ah good times. i was worried cause i thought it looked like crap until i animated it and now i love all 8 seconds of it. i like how it looks all warped and bizarre :D let me know what you think.