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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kick Ass Remote Control Car!

Here is a gift from a friend for my birthday. He found it at an Amish flea market of all places. It did not have the remote though so couldn't test out all it's awesome features but looks like it does wheelies, eyes bug out, mouth opens and tongue moves and who knows what else. It was made in 2004 from the company WowWee Ltd. I could not find any info on it anywhere. Not even the WowWee website. It looks a lot like a "Rat Fink" item though. If anyone has any info I would love to know it. It is an awesome addition to my collection regardless.


123 said...

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Daniel said...

I have one with the remote.
It make a crazy laugh when the head rocks back. It spins around like a bulldozer does (lock one wheel).

Petey Poodles said...

There were three of them and they were called Screaming Ghoulies...I think. I actually have all 3 but like a moron I left them in storage with the batteries in and they corroded so none of them work but they still look pretty cool.