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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spooky Empire Weekend & Fear Comics Book Release

Hi all,
Who is going to Spooky Empires Ultimate Horror Weekend? This year is going to be an awesome show, just look at this amazing guest list http://www.spookyempire.com/spooky-empire-celebrity-guests.html
I'm truly looking forward to meeting quite a few of them. The guest list is just a smidgen of the fun that's going to happen. Another super awesome part of the show is the release of Fear Comics put out by Fear Films http://www.fearfilm.com/site/  2 comics will be released upon the world at this show - "Realms of Blood" and "Realms of Madness". Realms of Blood is jam packed full of short horror stories and Realms of Madness is full of short stories hosted by Dr. Twistid, it's full of dark/potty comedy, horror, surreal and just plain weirdness. These books are sure to make you cringe in fear and laugh hysterically. The only thing is they won't be available for sale online just yet. The only way you can pick them up is at this show. Come out, pick up a copy, get it signed while meeting the artists and get some extra goodies. You won't be sad if you do. Hope to see you there and thanks so much for your support! Until then here is the cover for my Realms of Madness #1. Doesn't it just wet your whistle and build your appetite?