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Saturday, May 24, 2008

first week at the new job & office / toy collection pics

hey everyone. just wanted to let everyone know that my first week at the new job was great. It was alot to learn and I still have alot more to learn but it's a great change of pace from the last job. that and I get to use all the CS3 versions of photoshop and illustrator so thats awesome and I get to use a mac again. I missed mac.

anyway over the next few blogs i will be showing pics of my office with my collections. this one will be the all around views and the next few will be close up shots and all that jazz. I've been collecting toys since i was a wee lil pup. i only quit for one year when i was 17 because i thought it was time to grow up. They kept calling me back though so i started back up again. the pics of my office are not my entire collection. i also have 10 huge bins full in the garage. did i say that i love toys :D some of these pics could be a little dark and grainy but this one is just so you can see the layout of my office and full view shots. the close ups will be where you can see all the good stuff.
lets get on with it shall we.
enjoy the madness.

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