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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day, Weird Balls, Sleestak, Miscreant creatures

Hey everyone sorry I've been away for so long. I feel like I've abandoned my child in a dark alley with only a cracker and a maggot filled piece of ham to eat. I've been busy as hell in the artwork department so I have a bunch of new sketches for your peepers. I might have to limit my blog time to one or two a week though since I might have a job pretty soon. I went in for an interview and they want me to come back so what do you say in that situation? Break an armpit or sumpin.

I just wanted to say happy mothers day to all you mothers out there and to all you mother fu@#ers out there happy mother @#ckers day to you as well.

since I've been gone awhile ill just tell you some of the movies i watched and not get into descriptions about them. I watched movies such as Phantasm (always a great experience), Terror Firmer (oh my god this movies insane - therefore i loved it), Silent Hill (always good no matter how many times i watch it), Satans Little Helper (One of my favs), Tales from the Crypt season 4 (awesome!! i love horror anthologies), Godzilla vs mechagodzilla parts 1 and 2 (love that lizard), plus a bunch more but i digress.

i will add a couple figures today to make up for the lack of presence on here lately.
the first one is a "Weird Ball" action figure Bone Head by Mel Appel Ltd. made sometime in the 80's. He stands about 6 or 7 inches tall and is articulated in the arms, legs and head. These action figures are extremely rare. So rare in fact that I've only seen 2 of them once on ebay and i now own them both. Truly a treasure in my collection.

The next figure i will show is not really a figure but a bank with a removable head and articulated arms. It's the Sleestak from land of the lost made by Funko in 2007. I bought a bunch of sculpy because I wanted to make a sleestak figure but then this came out so I had to get it. Now I can use the sculpy for a Dr. Twistid figure. anyway he stands about 12 inches tall and is pure awesome. I love the Sleestaks.

Now on to the sketch of the day. Here is another little grouping of creatures from the deepest depths of my morbid mind. Partake of their strangeness.

Have a great day kiddies I'm off to the wife's mothers for some good eats.

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