Dr. Twistid Commercial

Saturday, September 6, 2008

NOTLD Reanimation Harry Redo

here is the next installation of my continued sequence in the NOTLD Reanimation movie. basically the same thing that happens in my last sequence but i wanted to do this in a different style. all elements were hand drawn (zombies, charecters, backgrounds, etc...) and then put into Photoshop and rearranged as per scene needed. this was alot of fun. elements took me about a week to do and animating took me 2 days over labor day weekend. i liked the negative / positive look of the last sequence so i did it again for this one. let me know what you all think.


Geo said...

nice dude! is thta a money on the hood of the car ?

Dr. Twistid said...

why yes that is a zombie monkey :D
i love monkeys especially zombified