Dr. Twistid Commercial

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sketch 11 - Twistid Thing

This is kind of a tribute to one of my favorite movies "The Thing".
I've seen that movie so many times and will never grow tired of it.
This is my character Dr. Twistids head with a spidery body and other such mutant conditions.
I really like how this came out and will probably turn it into an ID or something for my deviantart page.

Remember kids Dr. Twistid rules the schoolyard.

"Twistid Thing" is copyrighted by Geff Bartrand AKA Dr. Twistid


Geo said...

i agree,one of the best movies out there. nice tribute.

Dr. Twistid said...

thanks alot. you cant go wrong with that movie.

Glenn said...

Det är ikke en bishe, det er ett TING!!!