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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year With Count Gonzolaff

First off hope everyones new year will be grand!!! Can't be any worse than last year that is for sure. I did allot last year and accomplished quite a few goals. I plan on doing allot more this year. Also wanted to thank everyone for the support and good times. I love you all.

Now on to the Gonz. I love Gonzo, he always made me laugh and is permanently etched inside my happy memories. I wanted to honor him and continue the childhood favs series with watercolors. The first being the "Little Monsters Tribute". I wanted to have fun with this and make Gonzo a vampire pimp. I used my favorite Gonzo toy for reference. The toy is actually in one of my earlier blogs somewhere. Anyway since he is a pimp i had to add some chicken headed mistresses. Since they are vampires they all had to wear the crimson attire.

I used water colors, brush pen and white paint marker for highlights.
Gonzo is property of Jim Henson
Count Gonzolaff is Copyrighted by Geff Bartrand 2009

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