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Friday, February 5, 2010

Dr. Twistid Paper Puppet

Here is my first attempt at making a Dr. Twistid puppet. This is the paper test to see if the pieces fit together properly. I think they fit perfect. This is just cheap printer paper. When I make the real one I will glue the pieces to foam board to make the puppet more durable and instead of blue paper for the hair I will use blue fuzzy fabric. I will also make a body for him. Like I said this is just the test run. I did notice a couple things I need to add but not bad for a first try.

I will also use this design to make a Dr. Twistid Halloween mask that I will offer as a FREE download for the fans. Minus the puppet mouth so it fits your face.

What do you all think? I would really like to hear your thoughts.


April said...


Dr. Twistid said...

Thanks April! Sometime soon I will be posting this as a FREE downloadable mask. Maybe one day my puppets will be mass produced and for sale. I just finished making the real puppet minus the body. Still have to finish that.