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Saturday, April 3, 2010

5th annual Sensory Overload in Ybor City

I went to a Creative Loafing Event Called "Sensory Overload" in Ybor City a couple weeks ago. Here are some of the things that went on. They had live bands, food tasting, art galleries and such. We did this miracle fruit (Synsepalum Dulcifucum)tasting where it changes the taste of other foods. That was interesting. Actually made it on the daily loaf blog here http://blogs.creativeloafing.com/dailyloaf/2010/03/29/chip-weiners-sensory-overload-5-photoblog-mustaches-music-and-more-all-over-ybor/
towards the bottom of the page in the pic labeled "Flavor tripping with Miracle Fruit.. the berry that twists your taste buds." I thought it was cool that the title had "twists" in it. I'm also in the "The Beauvilles at New World Brewery." pic but am towards the back hidden in the darkness.
We did some bar hopping and checked out some live bands. I took video of "The Beauvilles" and have those up on my Youtube page. The videos are a little dark because I recorded it with a digital camera but the music is cool. There was also an art gallery that we checked out called "Red Letter". Pretty cool stuff by 4 different artists. It was a great time for real cheap. Here are a couple pics of me from that evening.

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