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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

See what being positive gets you :D

This was an awesome surprise. I checked my email today and there was a link to a blog about the Camille Leone show. In the blog I was mentioned as one of 11 top artists of the show. Talk about making me smile. I truly felt blessed upon reading the great write up Ox-Images said about me. Especially since there were so many great artists at the show (around 80). Go here and read what she had to say


and if you click the link at the bottom of my write up you can see a pic of me at my booth.

Thanks again Ox-Images!!

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Ox Images said...

You are awesome, perhaps a little freaky and scary, as well...lol! Your artwork is awesome, and talent, undeniable! Ox Images wishes you the best! We can't wait to see the comic book! Be sure to let us know, or leave a link for everyone in the Camille article comment area!