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Monday, December 12, 2011

Great time at the Art Against Hunger Show

A truly wonderful show for us. Winter was a trooper giving smiles to passers by and hardly fussing at all. Not bad for a 1 month old. Weather was perfect and my wife sold quite a few necklaces and earrings and I sold a painting, some sketch cards, prints and stickers. All in all quite a success. I was also painting live at the show and  below are some step by step shots and then the finished piece called Girl & Her Dragon Wagon.

Also sitting next to us was Jim Soldo and his style really amazed me. He would draw standing up with 2 different colored crayon type pencils looking down so basically upside down. The time it had to take to train yourself to do that is mind boggling I tell you. He was a lot of fun and gave my sister and I a drawing. She got a dog and I got the girl face (kinda reminds me of Pat Benetar). Go check out his web pages here (he was doing the ambidextrous drawing so check out that tab for sure)

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