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Sunday, June 1, 2008

I hate being sick but it sure was inspiring!!!

hey all welcome to my week in review. review of what? well me silly dillies.
first off. i checked my page out yesterday and behold the page view number in this here pic. is it a sign of the end? am i evil? is it a conspiracy? whatever it is i thought it was worth taking a screen capture and posting it because yes i am evil!! bwa ha hah aha hahahaha!!

This was the ending of the 2nd week at my new job. i have to say I'm glad i got laid off now. i was out of work for 2 months but this job is cool. I'm the only artist so its busy but time goes by quick and i make more money than my last job. woo hoo!!!
the thing that sucks is i haven't been sick for a long time and as soon as i start my job i get sick with the flu. i finally start feeling better on Friday and i pull a neck muscle. what gives? its not all bad though. for some reason this flu has inspired the hell out of me artistically and for your peepers you may behold the fruits of my misery. the first one is called "Manifested Sickness" the second one is called "U Little Snot Nosed Beast" or "Congestion Manifestation" and the third one which is my WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE is called "Migraine Manifestation". these were alot of fun to create. Let me know what you think of them.

Some of the movies i watched this week that i thought were good were "Cloverfield" i heard so much bad stuff about this movie but i thought it was done with a fresh style and had some great visual misery. i really enjoyed it. another movie was "Jabberwocky" a classic Terry Gilliam joint done in the same era as in search of the holy grail. it had some great silly moments. I've also been watching the "Hammer House Of Horror" TV series from the 70's. it has 13 horror shorts. the first 3 were slow and not that amusing but the rest were pretty darn good.

for free comic book day the comic shop i go to was having a sale with all comics under $10 were $1 so i picked up quite a bit of them. this week Ive been reading "the Demon - Driven Out", "GiJoe vs Transformers", "4 Horsemen of Apocalypse", "Fear - Dead of Night".

i did this sketch and i think it fits well with my manifested sickness series so this will be my sketch of the week. It's called "Mutant Amalgamation". i was doing a study of animal skulls and parts and was just doodling parts out and this is what formed. i rather like it. what do you think.

that's all for now kiddlins. until next week. leave some comments and bless me with your presence. i would really like to know if you like what I'm doing or if I'm just wasting your time. thanks


Patrick said...

It's always great to see fresh material on your blog Doc. I have been posting/maintaining my blog for a couple years now, and the traffic comes and goes, but typically very few people ever take the time to leave comments. Guess thats just the nature of people these days. Anyway, I really dig your latest series- very creative and cool. Glad to know you are keeping the monsters happy!

Geo said...

nope not a waste of my time.if it was i wouldnt come here no more... lol

toy of the week, i fucking have that !