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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


you read right folks. over at deviantart i entered a contest put on by Rakesh Raichoudhury or tiamat9 as we know him over there.

here is the description of the contest -

It's a dark, cold, rainy night. You are lost and the only sign of existence is a large house. As you are exhausted, sick, and hungry, you decide to take a chance and attempt to enter the house. You knock frantically, but no one seems to be around. The door suddenly opens and you enter. To your surprise, the interior of the house is pristine and lush and all the lights are on. The decor is opulent, exotic, and grand. There is a dinner table with food and wine. Obviously famished and thirsty, you do not think twice about eating and drinking. Afterwards, you look around and see if anyone else is present. The clock strikes midnight. There is a long staircase leading up. While upstairs, you hear a noise. A faint voice whispering your name. You are, of course, cautious and grab a knife. The voice becomes louder and louder as you advance forward. You stop moving and the voice ceases. After breathing a sigh of relief, you hear a grotesque and terrifying scream coming from a door directly in front of you. Curiosity gets the better of you and armed with a knife, you decide to investigate. You open the door, and looking in immediate shock and dropping the knife, you see...

this is what i saw

i had alot of fun on this one and i put alot of time into it. so much time (about 10-15 hours) that it seeped into my brain pan and caused me to have a real nightmare. that was a crazy night.

my prizes were a years subscription to deviantart and a ink drawing. i cant wait to get that.

thanks so much tiamat9 for the great contest.

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