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Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Caught Between Heaven & Hell...

... but it's been a pretty good week. howdy all its time for my weekly adventure update.

i guess im caught between a realm of good and evil. i posted the 666 screenshot the other day and today when i get on here its this one

my shredded wheat self is in constent struggle. does this mean im a skitzo. maybe yes or maybe yes :D

ok so saturday my wifes mom calls and says hey we found this little hole in the wall on some dead end that sells art stuffs. come check it out. i was like ok yeah lets go. oh my god it was a treasure. i spent $50 and got a shitload of paints, paint markers, prisma colored pencils, paint brushes, a display case, an easle and a 40in x 40in stretched canvas. i was happy as hell. its only open every other saturday but i will be going back quite a bit i imagine. i probably would have spent over $300 at pearls or joanns. now only if they sold the pens i use i would camp out on their lawn :D

some other good news is i went on a hunt for the new target exclusive Battle Rancor from star wars and the first target i went to had one. i love it when that happens. this toy is flippin awesome. he dwarfs the original and the newer rancors by about twice the size. plus it comes with an exclusive figure. i was glad that i didnt have to resort to ebay for this one since people are charging rediculous prices for it.

some movies i watched this week were "Lady Vengeance", "Godzilla vs Gigan", "Godzilla vs Destroyah", "Godzilla vs Space Godzilla" (can u tell ive been on a Godzilla kick), "The Myst(i loved the ending in this movie", also been watching "the wonderfalls tv show" and the "newer Masters of the Universe 2nd season"

havent really been doing much art this week though. ive been haveing some really bad headaches and my neck is still a bit sore. i worked on a comic story i have though and i have a bunch of stuff im going to be working on. dont really want to say anything about it yet but good news will be coming shortly. im excited about it.

here is this weeks sketch. its a bunch of silly little sea creatures that exploded from my noodle. hope you dig them and be careful when your swimming. they just might nibble your toes.