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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tubing down river is alot of work plus other tidings of goodness

Hey everyone, sorry i've been away for so long but i've been busy as the host of hell handing out ice cubes.

i've been asked to join the project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nnx3YRPBruI where i get to pick a scene from the original b/w version of "Night of the Living Dead" in any type of animated style of my choosing. I chose to print out a bunch of still frames and paint over them (rotoscoping). im doing it kinda sloppy because i really like the effect its giving it, that and i only have until July 11th to finish and i was asked a couple weeks ago to join. once i get my sequence animated i will post my clip here so you can see what i did. i'm happy as hell that i was asked because NOTLD is one of my fav movies ever so getting a chance to give back to the movie that gave so much to me is an honour. i chose the scene where harry cooper goes up stairs to throw molotave (sp?) coctails out the window to bomb the zombies so ben could run to the vehicle.

im also working on some comic book stories. i want to put out a book of my short stories. kinda like tales from the crypt but with my style of horror mixed with comedy and just plain bizarre story elements. once i get done with the NOTLD ill be dedicating some serious time to this. its time to get cracken on it. hopefully i can have it done by next years megacon and screamfest.

This past weekend was my good friends 30th b-day so it was a weekend long extravaganza. Friday we went and saw a one night showing of the new spike and mike sick and twisted animeted film festival. i thought this was over with because the last time i heard of it was about 5 or so years back. anyway when i heard it was here i was there so i took my friend there and it was great. lots of good raunchy cartoons to satisfy my nasty side. then Saturday was a party where we got drunk and played rock band. i will never sing again on that damn game unless they come up with some death metal tunage because i fail on the regular stuff constently. im an artist not a singer dammit!!!! ill play the guitar all day long though. then Sunday we went about 2 hours away and went tubing down the rainbow river. who knew tubing was such a workout. there was hardly any current and about half way to our destination it started raining and the wind was blowing in the opposite direction. thanks go out to a nice guy with a pontoon boat and rope that came by and toed a bunch of wore out tubers to the end point. i feel like ive been doing push ups and crunches for about 2 days straight. but we had alot of fun regardless.

i dont have any sketches or toys to show this time. once i get done with the NOTLD project ill do a couple of double posts for yous my payers of attention to my ramblings.

until next we meat - beat it, amscray, scitdaddle, get outta hear

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