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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Art After Dark Show

Me in costume standing next to my "The Toys Have Turned" painting

MMMMMMMM fingers are tasty!!

Here are some peeps I used to work with at the Tampa Tribune.
Pictured from Left: Me, Bethanee, Beth, Tiffany, Rob

Projekt Nemesis DJ: JJ and wife Stephanie. if you look real hard you can see the NOTLD Reanimated playing in the background

Alien producing insane sounds with his out of this world technology.

DJ's Alien and Ueberschall were ripping it up so fast that they were in and out of focus. Must be fun to travel in and out of dimensions on waves of musical energy.

Drunken Silliness

Me and my "The Toys Have Turned" painting with mask off.
Or is it bwa ha hahahaha

wish I had more pictures. I wanted to get a pic of all the artists together and each with their artworks. I do have some video though and will have some footage up as soon as i can edit it all.