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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tubing down river is alot of work plus other tidings of goodness

Hey everyone, sorry i've been away for so long but i've been busy as the host of hell handing out ice cubes.

i've been asked to join the project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nnx3YRPBruI where i get to pick a scene from the original b/w version of "Night of the Living Dead" in any type of animated style of my choosing. I chose to print out a bunch of still frames and paint over them (rotoscoping). im doing it kinda sloppy because i really like the effect its giving it, that and i only have until July 11th to finish and i was asked a couple weeks ago to join. once i get my sequence animated i will post my clip here so you can see what i did. i'm happy as hell that i was asked because NOTLD is one of my fav movies ever so getting a chance to give back to the movie that gave so much to me is an honour. i chose the scene where harry cooper goes up stairs to throw molotave (sp?) coctails out the window to bomb the zombies so ben could run to the vehicle.

im also working on some comic book stories. i want to put out a book of my short stories. kinda like tales from the crypt but with my style of horror mixed with comedy and just plain bizarre story elements. once i get done with the NOTLD ill be dedicating some serious time to this. its time to get cracken on it. hopefully i can have it done by next years megacon and screamfest.

This past weekend was my good friends 30th b-day so it was a weekend long extravaganza. Friday we went and saw a one night showing of the new spike and mike sick and twisted animeted film festival. i thought this was over with because the last time i heard of it was about 5 or so years back. anyway when i heard it was here i was there so i took my friend there and it was great. lots of good raunchy cartoons to satisfy my nasty side. then Saturday was a party where we got drunk and played rock band. i will never sing again on that damn game unless they come up with some death metal tunage because i fail on the regular stuff constently. im an artist not a singer dammit!!!! ill play the guitar all day long though. then Sunday we went about 2 hours away and went tubing down the rainbow river. who knew tubing was such a workout. there was hardly any current and about half way to our destination it started raining and the wind was blowing in the opposite direction. thanks go out to a nice guy with a pontoon boat and rope that came by and toed a bunch of wore out tubers to the end point. i feel like ive been doing push ups and crunches for about 2 days straight. but we had alot of fun regardless.

i dont have any sketches or toys to show this time. once i get done with the NOTLD project ill do a couple of double posts for yous my payers of attention to my ramblings.

until next we meat - beat it, amscray, scitdaddle, get outta hear

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I'm Caught Between Heaven & Hell...

... but it's been a pretty good week. howdy all its time for my weekly adventure update.

i guess im caught between a realm of good and evil. i posted the 666 screenshot the other day and today when i get on here its this one

my shredded wheat self is in constent struggle. does this mean im a skitzo. maybe yes or maybe yes :D

ok so saturday my wifes mom calls and says hey we found this little hole in the wall on some dead end that sells art stuffs. come check it out. i was like ok yeah lets go. oh my god it was a treasure. i spent $50 and got a shitload of paints, paint markers, prisma colored pencils, paint brushes, a display case, an easle and a 40in x 40in stretched canvas. i was happy as hell. its only open every other saturday but i will be going back quite a bit i imagine. i probably would have spent over $300 at pearls or joanns. now only if they sold the pens i use i would camp out on their lawn :D

some other good news is i went on a hunt for the new target exclusive Battle Rancor from star wars and the first target i went to had one. i love it when that happens. this toy is flippin awesome. he dwarfs the original and the newer rancors by about twice the size. plus it comes with an exclusive figure. i was glad that i didnt have to resort to ebay for this one since people are charging rediculous prices for it.

some movies i watched this week were "Lady Vengeance", "Godzilla vs Gigan", "Godzilla vs Destroyah", "Godzilla vs Space Godzilla" (can u tell ive been on a Godzilla kick), "The Myst(i loved the ending in this movie", also been watching "the wonderfalls tv show" and the "newer Masters of the Universe 2nd season"

havent really been doing much art this week though. ive been haveing some really bad headaches and my neck is still a bit sore. i worked on a comic story i have though and i have a bunch of stuff im going to be working on. dont really want to say anything about it yet but good news will be coming shortly. im excited about it.

here is this weeks sketch. its a bunch of silly little sea creatures that exploded from my noodle. hope you dig them and be careful when your swimming. they just might nibble your toes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Maximum The Hormone - Bikini Sports Ponchin PV

this is a crazy vidjo
it has a funky beat that i can bug out to.
give it a listen


you read right folks. over at deviantart i entered a contest put on by Rakesh Raichoudhury or tiamat9 as we know him over there.

here is the description of the contest -

It's a dark, cold, rainy night. You are lost and the only sign of existence is a large house. As you are exhausted, sick, and hungry, you decide to take a chance and attempt to enter the house. You knock frantically, but no one seems to be around. The door suddenly opens and you enter. To your surprise, the interior of the house is pristine and lush and all the lights are on. The decor is opulent, exotic, and grand. There is a dinner table with food and wine. Obviously famished and thirsty, you do not think twice about eating and drinking. Afterwards, you look around and see if anyone else is present. The clock strikes midnight. There is a long staircase leading up. While upstairs, you hear a noise. A faint voice whispering your name. You are, of course, cautious and grab a knife. The voice becomes louder and louder as you advance forward. You stop moving and the voice ceases. After breathing a sigh of relief, you hear a grotesque and terrifying scream coming from a door directly in front of you. Curiosity gets the better of you and armed with a knife, you decide to investigate. You open the door, and looking in immediate shock and dropping the knife, you see...

this is what i saw

i had alot of fun on this one and i put alot of time into it. so much time (about 10-15 hours) that it seeped into my brain pan and caused me to have a real nightmare. that was a crazy night.

my prizes were a years subscription to deviantart and a ink drawing. i cant wait to get that.

thanks so much tiamat9 for the great contest.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I hate being sick but it sure was inspiring!!!

hey all welcome to my week in review. review of what? well me silly dillies.
first off. i checked my page out yesterday and behold the page view number in this here pic. is it a sign of the end? am i evil? is it a conspiracy? whatever it is i thought it was worth taking a screen capture and posting it because yes i am evil!! bwa ha hah aha hahahaha!!

This was the ending of the 2nd week at my new job. i have to say I'm glad i got laid off now. i was out of work for 2 months but this job is cool. I'm the only artist so its busy but time goes by quick and i make more money than my last job. woo hoo!!!
the thing that sucks is i haven't been sick for a long time and as soon as i start my job i get sick with the flu. i finally start feeling better on Friday and i pull a neck muscle. what gives? its not all bad though. for some reason this flu has inspired the hell out of me artistically and for your peepers you may behold the fruits of my misery. the first one is called "Manifested Sickness" the second one is called "U Little Snot Nosed Beast" or "Congestion Manifestation" and the third one which is my WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE is called "Migraine Manifestation". these were alot of fun to create. Let me know what you think of them.

Some of the movies i watched this week that i thought were good were "Cloverfield" i heard so much bad stuff about this movie but i thought it was done with a fresh style and had some great visual misery. i really enjoyed it. another movie was "Jabberwocky" a classic Terry Gilliam joint done in the same era as in search of the holy grail. it had some great silly moments. I've also been watching the "Hammer House Of Horror" TV series from the 70's. it has 13 horror shorts. the first 3 were slow and not that amusing but the rest were pretty darn good.

for free comic book day the comic shop i go to was having a sale with all comics under $10 were $1 so i picked up quite a bit of them. this week Ive been reading "the Demon - Driven Out", "GiJoe vs Transformers", "4 Horsemen of Apocalypse", "Fear - Dead of Night".

i did this sketch and i think it fits well with my manifested sickness series so this will be my sketch of the week. It's called "Mutant Amalgamation". i was doing a study of animal skulls and parts and was just doodling parts out and this is what formed. i rather like it. what do you think.

that's all for now kiddlins. until next week. leave some comments and bless me with your presence. i would really like to know if you like what I'm doing or if I'm just wasting your time. thanks