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Monday, April 27, 2009

NEW NOTLD: Reanimated section and still shot

Here is a new animated sequence I did for the NOTLD: Reanimated movie and a still shot for same movie. I wish I had more time on it because there are a couple of spots I could have made smoother but not bad for 3 weeks worth of work. All elements were drawn by hand and then put together in photoshop.

go see the new NOTLD: Reanimated website here


Tom Moran said...

Dude, I am so fucking amazed at this. You drew these all by hand, then animated them on Photoshop!? Dear GOD, that's so freaking cool!!!


Geo said...

another nice animation dude.is there music and for some reason i dont hear it ?

Dr. Twistid said...

Thanks Tom! I'm having alot of fun animating lately. between this project, a commercial i'm working on for myself, a short movie my brother and i are working on and a cartoon idea i have. im learning alot and getting quicker :D

thanks Geo! nope no music in this one. i do the animation and send it off to them so they can fit it in the timeline.