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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Vanishing, Suicidal Tendencies, Glow Creature and Zombie King

It's that time again deads and ghouls. So open your eye sockets and clean out your sound holes because your about to take another journey into my world. Let's get started shall we.

So what Happened today so far. Well I finished putting up a ceiling fan so I can scratch that off the chore list. Woohoo!!! Talk about a pain in the ass. Wouldn't be that bad except it was at the top of a vaulted ceiling so yeah - bad times. I almost got to see one of my cats take down a crane (bird) this morning while eating breakfast but my dog barked and so my cat lost its focus. Damn dogs always ruining my fun. That's about it for that sort of business.

Today's ear hole orgasmic pulse pounder is brought to you by "Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow". I grew up on this band and they've seen me thru many a problem and hard times. I will always love this band. Well at least the albums I hold dear to my heart, and this is one of them. Great beats, bashings and screams all the way thru this treasure chest captured on a round disc. All hail ST!!!

The movie I watched last night was called "The Vanishing" 1993 directed by George Sluizer. Not a horror movie but a pretty good thriller. Jeff Bridges plays one of those great dad family guys with a twisted dark side. He should have won an oscar for this one. It also has Kiefer Sutherland who plays the boyfriend of Sandra Bullock. Anyway she gets kidnapped by Jeff and Kiefer is on an obsessive search to find out what happened to her. Not a bad flick and I definitely enjoyed the ending part with the shovel. If you've seen it then you know what I'm talking about. If you like to watch evil bastards at work then you will like this one. I'd say its worth a watch. Go here to see more info

I dug up one of my older comics, based on an 80's action figure toy line called "Super Naturals", to read today. I love the toys because they had a great concept with holograms and monsters and the comic is pretty cool as well. I wish they would have had more of them but there was only 2 issues and they were only released in Europe. They each came with a mask of one of the characters and was filled with a few short stories and games and whatnot's. Great concept. I don't know why it didn't last.

Today's figure of monstrosity is The Glow in the dark Universal Monsters "Creature from the Black Lagoon" made by Remco in 1979. It's 3 3/4 inches tall and has the normal articulation of that era (head, arms and legs). This is probably one of the rarest figures in the line. I'm a long time fan of the movies so i had to get him. I actually have both versions of this figure. The normal version is a dark green color but the same sculpt. If there was ever a remake of a movie to be done I wish they would do this one, but only if they get the right script and directer because they've been remaking some real gas bombs lately. Enjoy him in all his gloriousness-ness.

The last thing I have to bring to your visual aids today is my sketch of the day. This one is titled "Reign of the Zombie King". Another great time spent with paper and ink and markers and a smidgen of acrylics. Who doesn't love zombies and all their oozy, gooeyness of grotesquries. Stare at it awhile and soak in its beautiful horrors. This was based on a dream I had after watching a documentary on the atomic bombing of Nagasaki a few weeks ago on the History channel before we got rid of cable for money reasons. Man that was an eye opening documentary. BRUTAL!!

Thus ends another day of my broadcast. If you like anything on this page please leave a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again for looking.


Homie Bear said...

I didn't have much Suicidal Tendencies but I loved the album with Send me Your Money and . . . . what was that song called now, and if offended you I'm sorry but maybe you needed to be offended and one more thing, fuck you!
I forget what that song is called, but it kicks ass.

Dr. Twistid said...

I had most of the early stuff. it was great times. both the album and the song youre thinking of are called Lights, Camera, Revolution. I love that album as well. i think i only got a couple albums after that one. havent heard any of the newer stuff.

Patrick said...

I watched The Vanishing on On Demand not too long ago- pretty crazy stuff. ST is a great band- one of a few that I have not seen live. That's an awesome Creature toy you have there- Creature is far and away the best horror flick ever!!! Great sketches too- always fun to see your work!!

Dr. Twistid said...

thanks so much for the compliment Patrick. i still havent seen ST live either. had a chance to see them metallica and a couple other bands at one show but couldnt find a ride. i was so pissed. i saw the 3D original creature movie on the big screen a couple years ago. that was a riot. i do love that movie and in 3D it was a real treat.