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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sadness, Gorillaz, Willard, Madballs, Doodle Beasts 2

Hello everyone. Sorry about the absence yesterday. I was feeling down in the dumps and I haven't felt that way since I can't remember. This has been the longest I've been without a job and it's driving me crazy. So I watched a Star Wars flik and drew a zombie picture to cheer me up. Zombies and Star Wars always make me feel better. They should make a zombie Star Wars flik and I would be in heaven. Anyway my wife got me a Slurpee with a nifty Iron Man cup and a toy to lift my spirits. I love that woman. She is awesome. I'm still feeling kinda useless but at least I have a new toy to play with.

Today I'm filling my ear holes with the stylish soundings of "The Gorillaz - Demon Days". This album cheers me up. The fun lyrics and great beats make me want to put my underwear over my head and dance in the middle of the street while small children pelt me with rocks and batteries. Besides how can you deny story time with Dennis Hopper.

Today's movie is "Willard" 2003 directed by Glen Morgan. All I have to say is Crispin Glover and you should jump up and say give me a hey hey ho ho!!! My god that man is a genius of creepy. The master of odd characters is an understatement. I think hes my long lost twin. Ah the sweet madness that is Crispin. You gotta love a man that trains rats to do his dirty deeds. You might not like it but Crispin could shit on a piece of toast and wipe it on the pope and I would watch it and like it. Actually that would be kinda funny. Uh Oh I might end up like Sinead O'Conner after her little pope misfortune. Does anyone else think that man looks like the Dark Lord of the Sith? I guess I'm getting off track so get Willard and support the hell out of Crispin Glover. He needs to be in alot more movies in my opinion.

Today's little plastic man thingy is this "Madballs - Head Popping Oculus Orbus" made by Amtoy Inc. 1985. First off I love Madballs but the Head Popping Madballs are simply awesome. These are so much fun to play with plus they just look extremely damn cool. Some of the best sculpts and action ever. Whats better than a toy with a pop off head? Nothing that's what. I have the whole set but I wish they kept making them. I see that they have reissued some new sculpt madballs. They look great as well. Hopefully they redo the Head Poppers as well.

The sketch I have for you today is another creature doodle page. Some silly little beasties that came to life from my noggin. Can't really explain them but they make me smile. Enjoy their madness.

Stop by tomorrow for some more goodness.

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Patrick said...

Zombies and Star Wars- sounds like a match made in heaven in my book too! My Star Wars collection is going to overrun my house soon!

Sorry that you were feeling down, hopefully things will get better for ya soon! In the meantime, watch Return of the Deadi (errr..Jedi) to cheer you up!