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Friday, April 25, 2008

Tales From The Crypt, Ash, Bunninator

Whats to say on this new day? No really, whats to say? Anyone Anyone Bueller. I am making a new toy today. Hes a mix and match type toy. pretty much like all my toys. pieces from some broken toys or garbage found here and there. I will put a pic of it up when I'm done with him. I should post pics of all my twistid frankensteined toys. maybe ill do that when I'm done with this one. anyway lets get on with the program.

I've been watching the 1989 Tales From The Crypt HBO series on DVD over the past couple days. I love that show. Some great stories and cheesy one liners by the crypt keeper. Can't go wrong with that format. So many great stories filled with serial killers, voodoo, zombies etc... If you love horror then you have to watch this series. Good ole horrific fun. Bring the kiddies.

Today's toy is Ash from the Army of Darkness MEZ-ITS line. He came in a 3 pac with evil ash and the pit witch. He comes with his chainsaw, book of the dead, boomstick and metal hand plus a neat little stand and background image. These are funny little figures but they are packed full of fun. Besides I like everything evil dead. Evil Dead 2 is still my fav movie of all time and Bruce Campbell kicks much ass.

The sketch I have for you today is a couple doodles. The top part is a helmet design I was working out for a drawing and the bottom is the terminator bunny or the bunninator. Leave his carrots alone or he will pulverize you. I want to go back to him some day. I think he's purty cool.

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hehehe gotta love those ash one liners.