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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Orphaned Art Law, Corpses Are Forever, 2 Headed Skeletons & Snake Tounge Voodoo

I was in a good mood this morning until I heard about this orphaned art law that they are trying to pass. This is an outrage to the artist community as a whole. Please if your an artist of any kind go here and read this article and do whatever you can to keep this law from passing. http://mag.awn.com/index.php?ltype=%20pageone&article_no=3605&page=3

Now back to the show
so i watched this zombie movie called "Corpses Are Forever" last night. It's directed by Jose Prendes. What can I say about this movie. It starts out black and white and leaves you as confused as a porn star with the HIV but then a bit into it it becomes colorized and you finally understand whats going on and you can get into the story. The story was kinda interesting. It was about a CIA agent named Malcolm Grant who is basically a guinea pig and injected with some kind of serum so he can relive the memories of some guy who they think is the first zombie. They are doing this so they can try to figure out how the zombie outbreak happened and put an end to it. So this being said its basically flashing in and out of both these characters stories. In case your going to see it I don't want to give away the twists and too much of the plot so I will leave it at that. At least it wasn't the same ole zombie movie but the acting was really bad and the fight scenes with zombies were let me say "Dolemite-esque" meaning when the guy throws a punch or a kick its obviously about a foot or more from the zombies body so unless this guy has super human abilities then there is something wrong. Now if your like me I try to enjoy it for what it is and have a good time with it so i got quite a few laughs from it because it was so bad but if your looking for a serious movie you will be disappointed. The budget looks like it was very low so I applaud them for what they did with the budget. the dialogue could have been a bit better though. Go here to find out more http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0301661/

Today's toy is this 2 headed skeleton. I have no idea what company put these out or what the name of it is so if anyone knows please tell me. There are no dates or company info on him. I have 2 different versions of him. This black version and a white version. Both identical sculpts just opposite color schemes. They are about 4 inches tall and very well made. One of the coolest happy accident toys i have found whilst scavenging flea markets and eBay trying to build my skeleton army. please if you have any info let me know and thanks.

Today's sketch is titled "Snake Tongue Voodoo". I rather like this doodle and may turn it into an actual drawing one day. Sketched out while waiting for an oil change. Time well spent if I do say so myself. Let me know what you think and if you would like to see it as an updated finished piece.

That's all today folks so please go check out that orphaned art law link and help keep copyrights in the hands of the artists and not the thieves we all call the government and big business because they are the only ones that stand to gain from that abortion bill.

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