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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Color white, Cutie Honey, Underworld Warriors etc...

Hello all. Todays blog is brought to you by the color white. Why white you ask. Because for some reason I think that color is out to get me today. I was on my way to the post office to mail off some arty goodness when I pulled up to a stop sign on the corner. All of a sudden a white car pulls up behind me, another white car pulls up to the stop sign on the other side of the street and yet 2 more white cars are coming towards us on the main road. I had enough time to go so I went and was soon being followed by 4 white cars. Then when I get to the end of that street and pull out on to the next road a white van pulls up behind me. since we were at a red light I pictured in my head 4 big burly mo fos jumping out of it in white jump suits and gas masks and taking me hostage. Am I paranoid or is it a conspiracy. You decide. All I have to say is watch out for white people today and that includes me.

Now on to our regularly scheduled program.

Last night I watched a movie called "Cutie Honey". It's a live action version based off of the Go Nagai classic anime and directed by Hideaki Anno. The very delicious Eriko Sato played Cutie Honey. For those that know me they know that I love anime and weird off the wall shiz and this movie was pure genious in my warped mind. Picture mighty morphin power rangers and beetle borgs on crack with hot chicks and bizarre costumes. I laughed histerically at this masterpiece of insane visuals and crazy situations. The short version of what the movies about is an evil gang called the panther claw wants to steal Cuties "I-System" so they can take over the world. I don't like giving movies away so you'll just have to see it for yourself. If you like anime, cos play or just plain insane experiences go rent this movie. It might just make your head explode. Go here to see more about this movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0409860/

Todays toy is the blue skeleton goatlord guy. I'm not sure of his name but i know he comes from a toy line called "Underworld Warriors" and they are from the mid 80's. these guys are awesome as hell. Each figure in the series has the same exact body style but different color schemes and different heads. I only have 2 of them, this one and a pink, white devil who will be posted at a later date. I should have posted him since this blog is about white and he is a white devil but alas I'm to lazy to take another pic and upload so you'll just have to wait. if anyone has any of these and wants to get rid of them let me know. we can trade or work something out.

Here I would usually talk about a comic book I am reading but since I've lost my job and can't get any new comics for awhile I will tell you about a book I'm reading instead. The one I am currently reading is "Giants, Monsters & Dragons - An Encyclopedia of Folklore, Legend, and Myth" by Carol Rose. This book is a treasure of anything about myths and legends. It's in alphabetical order and I'm only starting the C's. needless to say I'll be reading this one for awhile since I usually only have time to read about 1 double page spread a day. thats why I like comics cause I can read one in a sitting and be done with it. Anyway this is filled with the stories parents told their kids to keep them out of trouble and all the crazy urban legends from the begginning of time to the more recent. If you want some info or just some crazy ideas for a drawing this is a good book to get ideas from.

Now on to the sketch of the day. these will be from my most recent sketchbook doodle thingy. This book is where I just scratch something down to get an idea for a later drawing. These are by no means cleaned or perfect but it's a fun way to warm up or clear my head of images to go back to. I will post one page a day. You might be able to recognize some of the stuff in drawings in my gallery. Others may never see the light of day. Quite a few I'm going to work into paintings but for now you can enjoy it's scribbaly goodness. The sketch book pages are about 5x8 inches. and all sketches are done with a pen and sometimes colored with markers.

What better way to start a Dr. Twistid blog then with a Dr. Twistid sketch. For your viewing pleasure i present you with me all scribbaly. Enjoy


Yours Truly said...

I love it. I think this is a great way to express the inner workings of your mind and let everyone see what I live with on a day to day basis! :)

I also like the inclusion of the toys. You should showcase a different one daily.
This is good.

Love Ya Boogs

LEVY said...

I recognize the pimp-cane....he he... or should I say MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! (evil lil laugh...ya had the hear it in person I guess)

Anonymous said...

I just saw a under world warrior on ebay. They are such a cool toy. Thanks for the illustration too.