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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hatchet, The Mummy, Swamp Thing with Demon Egg Sacks

Time to tune in to today's tidbits of tasty tenderonies. And I'm cutting it close this time. hehehee. Okily Doakily lets get on with it shall we. I got a full dose of death today as i was cleaning the bones of the dead possum I got a few days ago. Now I have another jar with bones in it. yippi!!! I also had to pack up a bunch of stuff that I sold on ebay. I really hate the time it takes to do all that but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Today I watched "The Hatchet" 2006 directed and written by Adam Green. This movie had some of the coolest and goriest death scenes in it that I have seen in a long time. Plus it had Robert England, Tony Todd and Kane Hodder in it and a whole lot a boobies. Good times. It was based on a seriously deformed kid that accidentally gets killed by his dad and when his dad dies of a broken heart he starts haunting the woods. It takes place during mardi gra and a few people go on some haunted swamp tour and the good stuff begins. That's all I will tell you. Get it and get your gore on.

The toy I have to show your peepers today is this 12 inch giant from the movie The Mummy. It was made in 1998 by Toy Island. It is electronic but I got mine loose with dead batteries. Figures a mummy with dead batteries. Anyway hes supposed to come with the little vases that are supposed to hold his organs but I don't have those either. He just looks awesome all gored out and barely bandaged. I likes him. He looks great standing among my other monster toys. Maybe one day I'll get a complete one but for now he does just fine. His arms, head and legs are poseable as well.

Today's sketch is this Swamp creature thing standing by a weird demon egg sack tree with hand branches. I love my imagination. It was fun to draw.

Thanks for tuning in to today's spittings of verbiage kids.
maybe I'll have more to write tomorrow.


Patrick said...

Love today's sketch!! VERY COOL!!!

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