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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gut Pile, Maniac Cop, Necro, D-Compose, Doodles

Howdy doody everyone. I'm doing today's blog a little late today since Ive been busy as hell all day. Been taking pics of toys and putting them up on eBay. Since I got laid off I have to find other ways to make money and one of those is selling off some of my toy collection. I put up all my MOTU commemorative series so if your looking for any of those go take a look and help me out. It would be greatly appreciated. I will also be posting alot more stuff over the next few weeks so keep checking back.
My EBay Goodies

The Beats of ear throbbing evil are brought to you today by "Necro - The Pre-Fix For Death". Not many Hip Hop albums sample death metal and talk about crazy gore filled madness and if they do none are better than Necro. Necro has an amazing lyrical spitting quality and his beats and samples are always great. From Charlie Manson, to death metal to horror movies your ears will be filled with all kinds of mad treats. The cover in itself is awesome done by the great Ed Repka. I love that guys art. Give it a listen but be warned you might want to beat someones head in with a shovel afterwards.

I have a double bill of movies for you today. The first one is "Gut Pile" 1997 directed by Jerry O'Sulliven. They should have called it "Dung Heap" or "What the hell was I thinking when I made this piece of crap". It's about a hunter who accidentally shoots some guy and freaks out and instead of telling the cops he buries the guy in the woods. A year later he comes back to the same spot for hunting and is haunted and hunted by the spirit. First off it starts off like a horror but I guess they realise how retarded it is so they try to save it by putting in some comedy. The acting was horrible and for some reason one of the guys kept switching from a nice trimmed beard to fake bushy beard just about every other scene. They tried to rip off Sam Raimi's style which they shouldn't have done. I laughed quite a bit at this movie so I guess that could be a good thing. I think the main reason I laughed was because of my wife's reactions. seriously if you like horrible movies then this one is for you. The extras even have a couple more shorts that you can watch. I watched one of them called Stumped but not the other. I seriously couldn't handle any more but if you would like to, go here to see more info. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119240/

The second movie I watched was the classic "Maniac Cop" 1988 directed by William Lustig. This was a great way to wash the stink out my mouth from Gut Pile. It has Bruce Campbell and I love that guy. I met him twice at his book signings and spoken words. Anyway its about some cop who starts killing innocent people. Later on you find out it was because he was wronged by some governor and sent to prison with a ton of guys he sent there and gets beaten and stabbed to the point of death. It was probably alot better back when it first came out but i still enjoyed it. Go here to see more info. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0095583/

The awesome figure I'm showing you today is The Inhumanoids "D-compose" made by Hasbro in 1986. He stands about 14 inches tall and is articulated in the arms, head and legs and a little bit in the rib cage. One of my favorite toys for sure. This was an obscure line with some great figures and monsters. I will be showing other figures from this line sometime but had to show my favorite one first. I use him for the muscle of my skeleton/zombie figure army :D

Today's sketch is a few little creature and robot doodles. I have quite a few pages filled with weird creature doodles so expect to see alot more like this. It's a great way to get my ideas out.

Hope you enjoyed today's episode. See you again tomorrow kiddies.


Patrick said...

Ed Repka has always been one of my favorite artists as well! His work for MegaDeath was great, and his covers for Death were awesome as well. That Gut Pile movie sounds similar to a lousy flick I partially watched a couple weeks ago called "Wendigo". It was so lame I had to shut it off after about 45 minutes. I dig the little hand puppet on your one character in this sketch! Awesome detail!

Dr. Twistid said...

Thanks Patrick. Yeah Ed Repka has done some great metal covers over the years. Truly an awesome talent. I'll have to keep an eye out for Wendigo and make sure I keep it off the netflix list. That was my fav doodle on this page as well. I will probably explore him further and do more with him.

Yours Truly said...

Gut Pile was a Sh*t Pile!!! Haha! God we coulda done a better job with a package of Crayons, and a Super 8. The only funny part was the guys beard. That was about it. I am seriously thinking of banning your netflix picks and making you get approval from me before you get to choose!!! :)

Good thing I have learned to read a book while your movies are playing!!! But I love you still.

Seriously though I am coming home with some winos I found downtown and we're making Gut Pile 2.

beardomcweirdo said...

I absoluetly love necro's stuff.