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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shrooms, Eerie Von, When Puppets Attack & A Sea Serpent

Hello kiddies it's that time again. Another mad rant from yours truly. Ok so what is it about the walmart employees. Does the owner drive a bus to the mental hospital and gather people up to work for the day or something? Last night I was looking at the movies while the wifey was shopping and luckily my spider sense tingled and I looked up because as soon as i did i seen a huge metal cart heading straight for me. I jumped out of the way just in the nick of time. When I look to see who the operator of this deadly attack device was I see this teenage girl and she smiles at me like nothing happened. WTF?!? I could just picture the news headline on that one. "Local Mad Scientist Minced Into Pulpy Meat Bits By Metal Attack Wagon At Walmart"

A-N-Y-W-A-Y let's get on with it shall we.

Todays musical enjoyment for your (when I say your I mean my) ear lobes is Eerie Von & Mike Morance - Uneasy Listening. Eerie Von from the original Misfits, Samhain and Danzig fame has his own tasty tunage and let me tell you he is amazing. He has a few albums out and they are all really good. Well in my opinion anyway. Nuff Said

Last nights movie watching experience was a treat called "Shrooms" directed by Paddy Breathnach. It's about some american college kids who go to Ireland for a magic mushroom fun filled camping trip deep in the woods. I have to say this was an interesting and suprisingly creepy viewing and when I put it in my netflix que I wasn't expecting much. The background story was pretty cool, not much in the way of gory bits but they took it back to the original texas chainsaw where you had to use your imagination for that but they pulled it off well. Add some back woods freaks and evil haunts plus you throw in strange tripped out bizarness and you got gold in my book. Kind of a mix of the grudge, and the ring in the looks of it. I might actually be the only one that liked it but I got a thing for creepy woods filled with hillbillies and halucinagenics. They did a great job producing it and the acting was quite well. I give this one a thumbs up. Go here for more info.

Todays plastic wonder is brought to us by Sota Toys and the name of the series is "When Puppets Attack" made in 2004. There are 6 puppets in this series and the one pictured is "Barlowe". I have all but the witch but i didnt really want her anyway. These are awesomely fun to play with. A few of them are pretty much the same sculpt with minor differences but they are still damn cool. I love crazy puppets and these are at the top of the list besides my boxing satan. Look them up and purchase them for a crazy adventure of hand up back excitement.

Now on to the scribble of the day which is titled "The Slack Jawed Sea Serpent". I since vectorized him and changed him up a bit and turned him into tattoo flash but I really like the original idea here. Was a fun doodle done during my last hours of work in the corporate hell because everone knows I wasn't going to do any more work for a company that was laying me off.

Hope you enjoyed todays broadcast chillins. Until next time I bid thee farewell.

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Glenn said...

Thats some goot readings, When you wrote about the flick I heard "Dont Go in the Woods" with Demented Are Go! Have read about that movie, and now I wants to see it. I'm sure me bro has somewhat same taste in horror flix as me so I'm game!

Anyway, great post, have to check out Von Eerie, he has totally past my perception of doom, but he cant run no more!

Keep it up bro and I'll fix me blog up asap so we can do that linkage thingies!