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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Keeper, Neurosis, BeetleBorgs, Demons and Skulls

Good evening dudemires and chiklets. Not much today in the way of goings on so I will get right into the show.

Last nights movie time was "The Keeper" 2004 directed by Paul Lynch. I checked this movie out because it has Dennis Hopper and Asia Argento. Dennis plays a cop lieutenant with serious issues from childhood. Asia plays a stripper. Long story short Dennis kidnaps Asia and tries to rehabilitate her and make her a respectable person but it backfires and all kinds of crap happens. Not a movie that I'd want to watch over and over again but it's worth a watch. Even if the movie is a steaming pile of crap (not saying this one is) Dennis usually does a great job. All I have to say is Dennis needs another "Blue Velvet" role. Now that movie kicks ass. Go here to see more on this movie

That movie didn't satisfy my peepers quite enough so I had to watch "The Frighteners" by Peter Jackson. I love this movie. I've watched it a tremendous amount of times and will continue to do so. Can't say enough great things about this movie. If you hate it I don't care. It's a great mix of comedy, action and horror that always satisfies. If you haven't seen it then your missing out. Go here to see more http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116365/

While Writing this blog my protruding listening cavities were blessed by the awesome sounds of "Neurosis - A Sun That Never Sets". This is an amazing album and never ceases to amaze me. Neurosis is probably my fav band and if it's not then its in the top five. They are a great mix of sounds that send my mind a wandering thru portals to different dimensions and leaves me feeling like I've been blessed by the almighty hands of god. I was lucky enough to see them live and it was one of my favorite experiences ever! I would sell my wife on the black market so i could follow them around and see all their shows. Sorry dear. anyway Great tunes.

Today's action figure of the day is this mummy from Beetleborgs. It was made by BanDai in 1997 and was part of a set of 6 monsters called the Hillhurst Monsters. Now I'm not into Beetleborgs at all and have only seen the show once but I like monsters and I thought these toys were funny. I mean look at this guy. He looks like a mummy with downs syndrome. By no means is he one of my fav toys but he makes me laugh. He stands about 5 inches tall and the only articulation he has is that his arms move so that is disappointing but at least you know his leg joints will never get loose and he will always be able to stand with no problems.

Yesterday was very productive in the way of sketches. I did about 5 pages in my little book and this here is one of them. I really like how this guy turned out. I named the piece "Guardian of the 1st Gate" as I am planning on continuing this series and the only one I've done so far is the Guardian of the 6th gate. It started out as a video game idea I came up with but kind of lost steam. I was reading some of my notes on it and drew this guy as a result. So expect to see a finished piece with some adjustments and background later on down the road along with the other 11 gate guardians. Yes there are going to be 13. If someone wants to pay me for the idea I'll let them have it cause it would be a great game and I'd really like to see it come to fruition but I'm not the one to do it.

Thanks so much for participating in today's broadcast and hope to see you again tomorrow.

Until then have a better one.

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Glenn said...

Great blogpost! The Frighterners are easily one of my favorite flicks as well! Love the cameo Peter Jackson have in that one, all pierced up and trashy lookin'
Nice to hear that your sketching work is flowing on and I'm lookin' forward to the next edition! It's goot readings...