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Friday, April 18, 2008

Hide and Creep, Fangster and Tentically Beasts with womenz

hey all It's time for some more magical ramblings from your demented Dr. Twistid. I hate not having a job. I'm actually working alot harder now than I did when I had one. What gives. hehe but at least I'm doing stuff I like to do but unfortunately it doesn't pay as good.

Last nights movie was "Hide and Creep" 2004 directed by Chuck Hartsell and
Chance Shirley. Holy hot damn I loved this movie. So much so I had to watch it twice before I put it back in the mail box. The movies about a small southern town that gets infested with zombies and throws in a couple of alien abductions for a sweetener. The budget is very low but the writing was amazing and the cheap special effects added to its genius. It's mainly a parody on the whole zombie, alien genre and they pulled it off beautifully. There are even a bunch of references to the greats that they got influence from. The only thing I didn't like was the mans junk in the beginning but that part was even hilarious and they had boobaliciousness later on so that made it better. If you like cheesy parody horrors then you have to see this. If I had a job I would buy this beast of greatness. If anyone is listening out there in Hide and Creep land that feels like sending anyone some free swag just know that I am here and waiting. wink wink nudge nudge. Go here to see more info http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0422419/

Today's figure of choice is "Filmation's Ghostbusters Fangster" made by Schaper in 1986. These figures were based off of charecters from a short lived cartoon. I like the villains which is what 99% of my collection of figures is. but I especially like werewolves so I had to get this guy to add to my werewolf army. The articulated bits are the arms, legs and head and I think he comes with a backpack but I don't have it. He is a very cool figure and pretty rare. Let's all bark at the moon.

the scribble bombardment I summon forth today is this gooey Tentically beast with female treat. I originally did this doodle to get an idea for a collab drawing I was going to do with someone on deviantart but I am to busy to do it at the moment. So instead I will offer it up as my sketch of the day here. Enjoy

That's all folks.

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